Is IOST a Good Investment?

IOST is the native token that runs the IOST blockchain. The platform provides a unique blockchain network infrastructure that focuses on scalability and security. Blockchain technology has experienced several challenges in its lifetime, and scalability has been one of the significant challenges. The IOST blockchain network aims to change that and bring full-fledged scalable solutions to the industry.

The IOST token is also known as the Internet of Service Token and is the native token of the IOST blockchain ecosystem. IOST is the backbone of this platform, and the success of the blockchain ecosystem could translate to the increased value of the IOST coin.

The price of the IOST token has experienced several price fluctuations since its launch. The general price of the token has been stable, with wide gaps between the highest price and lowest price within a year.

Currently, IOST is trading around $0.01188, with a market capitalization of $220 million, according to Coinmarketcap. The price is down over 91% from ATH. There are 18.59 billion IOST tokens in circulation, which represents 21% of the total supply.

Price Prediction by Authority Site

WalletInvestor WalletInvestor has a bearish prediction for IOST. The platform predicts the cryptocurrency will lose value over time, terming it a bad investment. Based on their one-year forecast, IOST crypto could trade at an average price of $0.000798 by October 2023.

The price forecasts for the IOST token indicate a significant price decline from the current price. Based on these forecasts, crypto enthusiasts shouldn’t buy and hold the IOST token for the short term.

Cryptopolitan Price Prediction

2022 IOST is expected to attain a maximum of $0.015, an average of $0.014, and a low of $0.013 in 2022.   2025 In 2025, IOST could reach a maximum of $0.048, an average of $0.042, and a minimum of $0.040. 2030 In 2030, IOST could reach a maximum of $0.290, an average of $0.250, and a minimum of $0.240.


The future price of IOST, as predicted above, is generally bullish. The token’s price is predicted to rise steadily following the increased adoption of the IOST ecosystem as well as the price action analysis conducted on its chart.

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