Is ICP Crypto A Good Investment?

Internet Computer is developed by a non-profit organization or NGO called DFINITY. DFINITY is one of the most successful foundations that attracted a lot of funds from investors during its initial stages.

DFINITY claims that its Internet Computer is highly scalable and runs at web speed, with some functions taking only milliseconds.  The network is governed by an open autonomous algorithmic software system called the Network Nervous System (NNS), and its native utility token is ICP (previously known as DFN).

ICP is the native token of Internet Computer. The current price of the token is currently around $6.13, with a market capitalization of $1.6 billion. There are presently 262,251,882.50 ICP tokens in circulation.

Price Prediction by Authority Site

#1 Wallet Investor Wallet Investor predicts the price of ICP to fall to $0.666 in 2023, depicting the token as a poor asset for long-term investment. In the coming days, they expect a minimal depreciation in the price of ICP, predicting a market price of $5.867.

#2 TradingBeasts  According to TradingBeasts, ICP will close 2022 on a bullish note, with a maximum price of $10.183, an average price of $8.509, and a minimum market value of $6.925.  In 2023, they predict the token to maintain its upward trajectory, trading as high as $13.645 by July, with an average price of $11.286.

#3 Longforecast According to Longforecast, ICP will trade between $4.26-$5.29 by the end of 2022, and its annual market will close at $4.94.  In 2023, they predict that ICP will experience several market losses leading to a closing market price of $1.64 by the end of the year.

Cryptopolitan Price Prediction

2022 ICP is expected to reach a maximum price of $8.18, a minimum of $7.21, and an average price of $7.60.  2025 ICP will attain a maximum price of $25.89, a minimum, and an average price of $22.43 and $24.22, respectively.  2030 ICP is expected to reach a maximum price of $83.42, a minimum of $80.60, and an average price of $82.13.

Is ICP a good investment?

Yes, ICP can be considered a good investment in 2022, as the price crashes, making it cheaper to buy. However, the price is expected to rise to new highs where it will be much more expensive to sell and could potentially earn you a significant amount of money.

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