How to Survive a Crypto Winter 

The phrase “crypto winter” likely came from the hit HBO series, “Game of Thrones.”  In the show, the motto of the House of Stark was “Winter Is Coming.”  It was considered to be a warning that lasting conflict could descend on the land of Westeros at any time.


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Literally, crypto winter is when prices contract and remain low for an extended period.  Analysts believe the wheels of the emerging crypto winter were set in motion earlier in 2022.

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Some investors love the pullback, viewing it as a time to double down on the market for the long term.  Investors view it as an opportunity to buy at a discount. They are banking on a crypto revival once the global political and economic crisis settles.

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What's the reason for panic-selling? 


Investors are dumping risky assets on fears that higher inflation readings would force the U.S. Federal Reserve to turn more aggressive in raising interest rates and tip the economy into a recession.

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Cryptocurrency prices are affected by the law of demand and supply. As the demand increases, with supply unchanged, the prices go higher.  As the supply increases with decreasing demand, the prices fall.   What can traders do in the face of a crypto winter?

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Nowadays, insurance companies insure your losses with corresponding premiums.


Although your current D&O and/or cyber insurance policies may not expressly address crypto-related losses or risks due to the relatively new nature of the cryptocurrency industry, coverage for different specific losses now exists.

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Reading the cryptocurrency market is most important when dealing with digital tokens. No one can be so sure about the future prices of cryptocurrencies.

You never know if you will make a profit or loss in the cryptocurrency space; hence, complete knowledge of the market is crucial.  Therefore, ensure that you get reliable information to understand if the prices will go lower or higher in the future.

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Subscribe to a news channel on your mobile phone to get updates on cryptocurrency prices that you have your eye on.


Cryptopolitan is a top crypto site among many others that provides historical and current cryptocurrency prices and predictions. Nonstatistical methods, traditional and statistical approaches, background, and commentary complete each coin price predictions.

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Analyzing the price is a crucial thing if you want to get the most out of crypto price fluctuations. These days, reliable price analysis is available on the internet from top crypto news sites. 


Cryptocurrency trading platforms or exchanges also show the current prices and background of the coins.  Do not ignore the news updates regarding cryptocurrency coins if you want to make money.