Best Places to Stake HBAR

Hedera Hashgraph is an open-source distributed ledger technology that rewards users for securing the network by staking HBAR tokens.  The platforms discussed in this story will help you maximize your reward potential securely.

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Stader offers the flaunted as the most convenient and safest way to maximize your returns on HBAR staking.  The platform offers 42% APY, and over 578 million HBAR tokens have been staked on the platform.

There is practically no limit to the number of HBAR tokens required for staking on the platform.  However, Stader recommends that users stake a minimum of 0.01 HBAR.


2 allows users to stake their HBAR tokens on Supercharger, a one-click liquidity mining platform.  The exchange offers approximately 5% APY for HBAR tokens staked on the liquidity platform. 



HBAR holders can generate passive returns from their holdings by also saving on Binance.  The largest exchange offers users 0.5% APY for saving HBAR, a different activity from staking. 

The reward for saving HBAR on Binance is less compared to the APYs offered by and Stader.  However, it’s another secure way for HBAR holders to earn rewards from their holdings.

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Proxy staking is another viable way for HBAR holders to stake without using third parties like Binance.  The coins are staked to a Hedera network node, and transaction earnings are split between the node operator and stakers.

Did you know that many crypto traders have taken an interest in the digital coin since its blockchain technology shows many prospects of becoming a force within the blockchain industry?