Best NFT Platforms in 2022

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible tokens are digital items available on a blockchain. These items are usually unique, distinguished by unique numbers attached to them. These unique items are somewhat similar to items in the real world.

Factors to consider when buying an NFT

Copyrights are essential when it comes to NFTs.  Before taking complete control of an NFT, you should ensure that you have obtained appropriate IP rights. Consider NFTs and Security Acts that could affect the purchase, ownership, and trading of an NFT. Consider Tax laws laid out for NFTs. It will help you if you find out what the requirements are in your local area and adhere faithfully.

How to get NFT

There are several ways you can get NFTs, including Gifts - Most sites use NFTs as sign-up baits for users. When you sign-up, they will fulfill their promises and offer you the tokens. Buying - Another way you can get NFTs is to buy them.

Best NFT marketplace

OpenSea supports assets with both ERC721 and ERC1155 standards. It has described itself as the largest NFT marketplace available. It simplifies the process for creators as they can create NFTs without bothering about coding.  Foundation focuses on digital art. It creates a meeting point for digital creators, collectors, and crypto natives. The platform prides itself as the new creative economy. The goal is to advance the culture of digital art collecting.

Rarible platform focuses on different forms of art. This platform offers freebies to users. It awards RARI tokens up to 75,000 to active users every week. AtomicMarket is a shared liquidity NFT market meant for Atomic Assets, a standard for NFTs on the EOSIO blockchain. The KnownOrigin platform showcases rare digital artwork collections. Every artwork featured on the market is unique and authentic.

SuperRare is a space that seeks to preserve the digital art collection culture that is rocking the internet. It allows buyers and sellers to create unique digital artworks. MythMarket is a platform that supports multiple online marketplaces that focuses on trading cards, including GPK, the market that sells digital Garbage Pail Kids cards and Heroes.

Oshen is the world’s first NFT marketplace focused on the world’s top Athletes and Nature Art. The artworks showcased in the marketplace will mainly center around portraits of athletes playing the most well-known sport, in the land, air, or sea.

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