6 Best Cryptocurrency to Mine in 2022

Mining crypto is one of the best ways to invest in the digital assets sector. A miners goal is to dive in from the deep end and earn money legally and remain profitable while filtering out noise in the long term.

What shapes profitability in crypto mining

1.    Electricity Cost

Consider electricity costs before you start ming because it is not free. Depending on the generating component's abundance, rates vary between retailers and manufacturers. You will need to consider what's more profitable at the end of the day.

2.    Mining Rigs Maintenance

Ideally, the purchased gear should be simple to maintain with highly reliability. This is also not forgetting that reliability is proportionate to the availability of professional technicians.

3.   Price of the Coin

A miner’s pockets will be well-padded if he/she can mine valuable coins. The higher the price, the better the coins’ liquidity, and this means not only can they easily dispose of their coins when needed, but they can consistently earn profits from rising demand which more often than not drives prices higher.

4.    On-Chain Factor

A Proof-of-Work miner will have to keep up with on-chain parameters like hash rate, difficulty, and “halving events.” Hash rate influences mining difficulty, but halving is hard-coded and meant to reduce daily emissions over time.

5. Gear Efficiency

Crypto mining is a rat race. And for them to stay in the green, they must use the latest efficient gear to mine. A miner will, from time to time forced to upgrade gear not only to slash on associated costs like energy but to stand a chance against the increasing industrialization of the cryptocurrency scene.

Determining factors for coins to mine

1.    Coin Liquidity - This is the ability to quickly transfer mined coins to an exchange and liquidate them for cash (stablecoins). 2.    Cryptocurrency Exchange Support - Often, miners prefer Over-the-Counter (OTC) exchanges since they can negotiate the selling prices without moving the market. 3.    Legality of Mining and the Mined Cryptocurrency - If mining is illegal, it won’t make sense to tussle with authorities. Either move to a country/region/state where crypto mining is legal or do your due diligence and cloud mine.

Top Cryptocurrencies to mine in 2022

1. Ethereum 2. Bitcoin 3. Ethereum Classic 4. Bitcoin Gold 5. GRIN-29 6. DigiByte

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