5 Best Bitcoin Debit Cards of 2022

When it comes to financial transactions and payments, one of the things that have become part and parcel of every traditional financial system is a card.  With a debit card, users can easily access their funds when needed and make payments without using cash.

Crypto companies understand the convenience of card payments and have started issuing crypto cards to customers for easier payments with digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Debit Card?

A Bitcoin or crypto debit card is a regular prepaid card that is instead loaded with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency instead of cash. With a Bitcoin debit card, the Bitcoin will be converted into the appropriate fiat based on your location, which means payment will be made directly in the fiat currency.

1. BitPay Card The card is linked to BitPay wallet, which means you need to have a BitPay wallet for you to use this card. However, it is best for US residents. The prepaid MasterCard allows you to spend the cryptocurrency in your wallet by converting it into dollars.

2. Coinbase Card The Coinbase card is a Visa card that is quite easy to use and capable of converting your crypto assets into the fiat currency of the location you find yourself. The card supports nine cryptocurrencies, with a $2,500 spending limit.

3. CoinZoom If you have a diverse portfolio of crypto assets, this card might just be the best for you to have access to everything. The card also comes with several rewards depending on your level, which include up to 5% cashback, discounts on trading fees using CoinZoom, and lots more.

4. Crypto.com Card This card offers incredible rewards for users, making it one of the best you can get. The Visa card is available in five different versions, offering great rewards if you can stake the native CRO token.

5. Wirex Card Wirex Card is a Visa card linked to the Wirex application, supporting over 150 cryptocurrencies and fiat money. With this card, fiat to fiat transfers is a total fee.

How Safe are Bitcoin Debit Cards?

These cards are generally safe and come with features such as security code, two-factor authentication, biometric scanning, firewall encryption, instant freeze or cancel, etc.  While the card issuer does everything to protect users from fraud, it is still necessary for you as the cardholder to protect your card by making sure all sensitive information, such as card numbers, is safely stored.

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