10 Best US Crypto Exchanges

Against popular belief, for most US residents, the reason they’ve not invested in crypto is not that they’ve not heard of it, nor is it because they lack the funds. The reason ranges from not knowing the best crypto exchanges to not understanding how to buy them. Rumors of crypto exchanges being hacked are primary deterrents.

Choosing the best crypto exchanges in the US initially requires knowing the basic types of crypto exchanges which are: Centralized exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized exchanges (DEX).

CEX are controlled by a central authority, a company that offers a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, and your funds are kept in their care. CEX is the traditional and most used type of exchange in the crypto space. You could own an account by following KYC and AML measures.

DEXs are service platforms with no central authority and no hold on user funds or personal data. Smart contracts dApps are used to automate and carry out transactions. The advantage of DEXs is the security; funds are held by the users in their wallets.

There are specific factors to consider when choosing your best crypto exchanges such as: – Deposits and withdrawal method.  – Deposits and withdrawal limit – Liquidity – Security

– Customer Support:  – Trading Tool – User Interface   – Trading Fees & Exchange rates  – Loyalty programs & discount – Acce

Top 10 crypto exchanges for US residence 1. Coinbase 2. Etoro 3. Crypto.com 4. Gemini 5. Kraken

6.  KuCoin 7.  Binance 8.  Robinhood 9.  Uphold 10. . Coinmama

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