Blockchain technology has been put to various uses in the past decade, and now a Virginia-based lawmaker is reportedly pushing for blockchain voting and commerce solutions in the state.

To encourage the use of services and applications based on ledger technology (DLT), Virginia lawmaker Hala Ayala provided two payments for the research of blockchain and the analysis of DLT’s present and coming function within the Previous Dominions economy system, respectively.

Blockchain voting, commerce in Virginia

This appears to be an attempt by the Virginia lawmaker to study the potential impact of blockchain technology on the lives of the common people. Virginia’s Division of Elections has been requested to research into blockchain voting for safe elections.

The payments aren’t anything new done by Hala, as the lawmaker previously worked as an info safety specialist for 20 years before ending up working in cybersecurity.

Hala suggested the possible use of blockchain to administer free and fair elections as the threat of election intervention by bad actors has only increased since the past.

In April of 2019, it was stated that west Virginians would use Ledger Based Technology application called Voatz to confirm fair elections; recently, however, some people started having serious concerns after news came out that the application had critical security issues.

Utilizing blockchain to improve local commerce

The second payment that deals wilt local commerce, Hala said that the payment would prompt blockchain technology towards extensive use through-out Virginia.

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