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  • VeChain price prediction – set to break past $0.02 in the next few days
  • VeChain resistance level seen at $0.024
  • Altcoin season skyrockets VeChain straight up in bullish stampede
  • VeChain set to challenge August resistance level again in coming weeks

Vechain price prediction: current price

VeChain, like many other Altcoins, continues to skyrocket with bullish momentum. At the time of writing, VeChain (VET) price sits impatiently at $0.018 on its journey to the moon. Starting November 25th upon the foundations of a strong support level, VeChain’s bullish streak has erupted from $0.015 to $0.018 within a day – up 12.4 percent.

VeChain price prediction: 1-day overview

Finding support to start the day strong, VET price sees bearish resistance on its journey to $0.018, but remains unhindered. Following a 41-degree ascending trendline, VET prices are unlikely to see significant bearish activity is this pattern persists.

VeChain price prediction: 1-month chart

Reviewing the month so far, VeChain has superseded the upper Bollinger Bands (BBs) confines since late November. A clear 58-degree trendline indicates VET price is set to test new boundaries if not met with resistance on its travels. Almost consistently above the BB Basis mid-point, bullish momentum seems unlikely to falter anytime soon.

The MACD 4C indicator Shows recovery from bearish activity into mid-November and a steep incline as the bulls take charge.

VeChain price prediction: volatility levels

Looking back through the year, VeChain is no stranger to significant swings and turns in terms of volatility. The peak of volatility signalled in March is likely in response to the steep fall experience by Bitcoin and other cryptos during that time.

Historically, VeChain has maintained a high volatility rate that poses profitability for traders, and anxiety for those seeking stability. Despite this volatility, VeChain can clearly be seen to be on a rise in volatility on the chart above. This is certainly in relation to the sudden bullish swing in price over the last seven days – increasing over 55 percent in price. Using this history, high volatility levels should continue to be expected.

VeChain price prediction: 1-year overview

Hitting the $0.024 resistance level in August, VeChain tumbled bearishly through September and October. Now on the rise above $0.018, VET price looks to be on a vertical climb back to the peaks of $0.0238. If this pattern persists – and bullish momentum endures – we might see the resistance level of August exceeded in the next couple of weeks ahead.

Going by the MACD 4C indicator, the bullish activity seen through May to September was swiftly abated by bearish retaliation through to early November. As bullish momentum reawakens, the MACD 4C indicates a steep ascent is coming.

Please use the oscillator below to help inform your decisions on whether VeChain is currently a viable addition to your e-wallet.

VeChain price prediction: conclusion

To summarize this VeChain price prediction, it is highly likely that VET price will proceed beyond the $0.020 mark, but traders should be wary. In lieu of VeChain’s historical volatility, sudden rises and falls can both be expected despite being in the middle of a clear Altcoin season.

We will continue to monitor VeChain over the weeks to come.

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