USDC vs USDT, Analysts say it is better to buy Tradecurve

If you’re looking to hold cash in crypto, what is the best way to do it? USDC and USDT are the two most popular stablecoins, but both have issues. A better way to preserve your capital may be through investing in, and using, an upcoming trading platform called Tradecurve.  

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USDC vs USDT – the battle of the stablecoins.

For a long time, crypto aficionados, particularly those involved in DeFi, have been suspicious of USDT made by Tether.  This is because it was widely known that unlike other stablecoins, USDT didn’t seem to be truly collateralised. In March this year, Tether announced that they woudl be more transparent about their collateralisation, and move away from risky commercial paper debt, and move into government bonds.  They also promised to use their profits to invest in BTC and gold.

USDC on the other hand, has always been backed by US government bonds, and is owned by Circle which partners with Coinbase and Blackrock.  Given that Blackrock owns pretty much everything, this all gave people the feeling that USDC is the safer choice.

However the collapse of Silvergate Bank this March led to the depegging of USDC where it fell to $0.88, since Circle was storing about a third of its cash there.  Many people transferred their assets to Coinbase, thinking that this was a safe choice to redeem their USDC, and to everyone’s surprise, Coinbase paused redemptions of USDC to USD.

Also, after the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) banned the Tornado Cash mixer, Circle froze around $75,000 worth of USDC.  This doesn’t feel good when the point of crypto is supposed to be decentralization.

So is USDT the safer choice? It’s hard to say but the general consensus is not really.  On a recent YouTube video, where the author pointed out that Tether was being shorted by a whale to the tune of $40 million, a swathe of comments appeared, apparently from bots, fervently supporting Tether.  Bots are well known for altcoins but why would they be used for USDT? Does Tether know something we don’t?

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Tradecurve may be the best way to hold and grow your assets

Crypto was born, in part, due to a wish to hold money outside of the traditional financial system.  Although stablecoins like USDC and USDT are a necessary part of the crypto ecosystem, as the info above shows, they are centralized and linked to TradFi and the US government in a variety of ways.  (Especially as both are backed by US Bonds, which means that by holding them you are essentially and ironically propping up the US monetary system).

Part of this wish was to beat the inflationary nature of fiat.

Tradecurve, a decentralized trading platform that offers both crypto and financial derivatives such as bonds, stocks, commodities and more, may hold the answer to all of this.

Firstly, Tradecurve is in presale, and so by design it will rise from its current price of $0.018, to $0.088, which is the minimum launch price.  Market analysts see the disruptive potential for a truly decentralized platform that allows people to trade various things, regardless of country regulations and KYC.  

It’s perhaps for that reason then, that they are predicting that a 100x is possible, when the token TCRV is listed on Uniswap and other exchanges, and the platform really begins to gain traction.  If correct, this really will beat the inflationary nature of fiat!

Secondly, the platform itself will allow people to diversify their portfolios, so that instead of holding cash in USDC or USDT, people can hold it in things like gold, stocks or indices.

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