UK’s largest retailer Tesco falls prey to hack for Bitcoin scam

While bitcoin is busy making waves in the crypto market, its scams are also spiralling out of control as the United Kingdom’s (UK) major multinational retailer Tesco, gets hacked on Twitter. The savage hackers broke its Twitter account by posing themselves as Bill Gates for acquiring Bitcoin (BTC).

How did it all start

It all started when Tesco Twitter account’s over five hundred forty thousand (540,000) followers were bombarded with beeping notification alerts requesting them to send over their BTC to a fake wallet which promised to double the value for them. The hackers, in an attempt to leverage bitcoin’s celebrated bullish run, assumed that people will fall into the trap easily.

Luckily, a pinned tweet came to Tesco’s rescue when it alerted the supermarket authorities about the possible hack. Judging by the absence of the verification mark on the tweet, which is usually activated whenever Tesco posts genuine tweets, the cryptocurrency anti-device immediately sensed the trouble.

The conscious consumers

Tesco followers showed excellent heedful of their intuitions as none of them fell into the wrong hands.

The morphed Twitter account, that showed no transactions or funds by the end of the day, however, did not deter its hackers from making shoddier plans as they went on to impersonate Microsoft founder Bill Gates to gain access to consumers’ personal data.

Clearly, the trick did not work. Guessing by the Tesco’ sudden “avatar change”, the consumers found something amiss and started reciprocating to comments with quips and sarcasm.

Tesco has finally managed to gain control of its account and while all is smooth sailing with the British retailer, one cannot overlook the fact that with Bitcoin’s exponential rise will also trigger a flurry of scams.