Top YouTuber Uncovers the Harsh Reality Behind BlockDAG’s $24.5M Presale In Comparison to BitBot & Shiba Shootout

Digital influencers are profoundly shaping the crypto industry’s landscape, and Oscar Ramos‘ has just disclosed the harsh reality behind BlockDAG’s consistent triumph. Ramos praised BlockDAG’s technical execution, showcased via a detailed keynote video. He applauded the strategic roadmap enhancing blockchain technologies and the X1 Miner App. 

BlockDAG achieved a massive impact within the online realm as it launched batch 11 of presale with a coin price of $0.007 The crypto YouTuber’s backing instigated an impressive $24.6 million in presales. Alongside BlockDAG, the crypto scene is energised by BitBot, an AI trading tool on Telegram and Shiba Shootout, which integrates gaming and NFTs on the Ethereum platform, illustrating diverse innovation within the sector.

BitBot Presales on Telegram AI Tool

BitBot, the first AI trading tool on Telegram, has quickly garnered attention by amassing $3.2 million in presales. This innovative tool integrates seamlessly with Telegram, offering users an easy-to-access platform for automated trading. 

Designed to optimise trading strategies using artificial intelligence, BitBot promises to enhance user engagement and potentially increase trading success rates. As it stands out in the crypto trading tool landscape, enthusiasts and investors are closely watching its progress, speculating about its capacity to deliver substantial returns and reshape the dynamics of trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Shiba Shootout: Undervalued Crypto?

Shiba Shootout is highlighted as a promising yet undervalued cryptocurrency, particularly appealing for its potential in the gaming sector. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging the security and stability of this well-established platform. The project is attracting attention due to its engaging gameplay and integration of NFTs, which could drive further user engagement and investment. 

Notably, Shiba Shootout incorporates a strategic economic model with a burn mechanism designed to reduce token supply over time, potentially increasing its value. This aspect, coupled with its under-the-radar status, suggests it might be poised for growth as it gains more visibility and adoption.

Oscar Ramos Fuels BlockDAG’s 600% Surge!

Oscar Ramos, a notable Crypto YouTuber, has recently endorsed BlockDAG, commending its innovative approach to cryptocurrency. He praised the project’s original keynote video presented at Shibuya Crossing, which thoroughly explains BlockDAG’s technical aspects and protocols. Ramos highlighted the platform’s use of a proof-of-work consensus mechanism and its integration of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology to optimise performance and enhance security for smart contract functionalities.

Ramos highlighted BlockDAG’s successful partnerships, which have significantly contributed to its momentum in the crypto market, aligning with larger business models for expansive growth. Further, the YouTuber is impressed by the updated and well-defined roadmap of BlockDAG, which focuses on blockchain development, the Explorer and the X1 Miner App. Additionally, he noted the expanded online payment options for the BlockDAG presale, now including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, USDT and Cardano among others.

Significantly, Ramos highlighted the mainnet launch of BlockDAG, which has been rescheduled to occur four months earlier than planned, indicating strong technical readiness and robustness. This development coincides with a surge in the presale price of BDAG coins by 600%, reaching $0.007. With prominent YouTube influencer backing, BlockDAG has successfully raised over $24.6 million in its presale, demonstrating substantial market confidence.

BlockDAG: Fueled by Influencers, Set for Success

BlockDAG’s ascent in the crypto world, propelled by Oscar Ramos’ endorsement, showcases the power of effective influencer backing. Ramos highlights BlockDAG’s advanced technical features, strategic roadmap and the substantial $24.5 million raised in presales, highlighting its potential and readiness. 

This achievement, emphasised by the influencer frenzy, distinguishes BlockDAG from other emerging coins like BitBot and Shiba Shootout, proving that its unique approach and solid planning can carve a distinctive path in the competitive cryptocurrency landscape.

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