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Like earning fiat currencies for free, there are some potential methods to earn cryptocurrencies for free. Earning cryptocurrencies on the existing holding is more accessible than earning completely new tokens without even holding one. But there are some robust methods to this process as well. 

Cryptocurrency rewards one can avail of these days are enormous as such acts facilitate virtual coin transactions and increase their credibility. Check the tips and tricks for successful bitcoin trading to get a comprehensive guide to cryptocurrency trading. Free rewards are also a great way to promote a specific token, benefiting both the developer and the recipient. Below listed are a few solid free-of-cost methods to earn cryptocurrencies.


Currently, Airdrop is the most popular and emphasized term in the cryptocurrency market. Many people confuse hard fork and Airdrop, but both are incredibly different. Airdrops serve the notion of improving awareness of a cryptocurrency. On the other hand, some people claim Airdrop as a reward for the hard work on any cryptocurrency network.

 But it is not necessary at all; you can also avail of Airdrop as a result of promotional strategy, being a loyal customer to a particular cryptocurrency exchange for many years. Airdrops usually increase the number of cryptocurrencies present in your wallet. 

Airdrop can significantly impact the spot price as these are free rewards. After availing it, investors and traders prohibit holding and prefer selling. In 2021, many people earned money with the help of airdrops in the form of cryptocurrency tokens. You might wonder how Airdrop does not resemble a hard fork.

 Rigid fork and Airdrop are two different phenomena as in complex fork ledger of a cryptocurrency network divides into parts. The division of cryptocurrency blockchain depends upon several times it is forked. For example, if a cryptocurrency network is forked two times, its blockchain will have two parts. 

Coinbase Earn!

Coinbase earn is an infamous way to earn free-of-cost cryptocurrencies. Undeniably Coinbase is a sizzling international cryptocurrency exchange, but not many have explored the feature of Coinbase earn in this exchange. Earning cryptocurrencies with this feature of Coinbase is just a piece of cake, and the income you can make is also decent. 

Users have to stream videos uploaded on the Coinbase earn platform to acquire the free charge. You can also play cryptocurrency-related puzzles and quizzes to get free virtual coins. However, it is not possible to earn mainstream digital coins like BTC with coin base earn as it merely focuses on a few altcoins like GRT.    


Faucets are not unfamiliar to those seeking easy and low-cost ways to earn money. Faucets are like a task assigning platform that rewards users with virtual coins to accomplish these tasks. In the cryptocurrency industry, faucets are currently in the limelight as the rewards are decent and tasks are engaging. However, few of the faucets offer rewards for playing games and reading books. 

Usually, the tasks on such platforms include completing surveys, installing different applications, and watching YouTube videos. Therefore, the rewarding mechanism of such platforms is a bit chaotic and comprises a threshold limit to withdraw the amount. The utmost standard cryptocurrency reward by Faucets is Satoshi. One hundred million Satoshi makes one BTC, and the minor withdrawal limit of faucets is 10,000 Satoshi; it can also extend up to 1, 00,000 Satoshi on some platforms. 

NFT games!

You might think how NFT games come under a free-of-cost method to earn cryptocurrencies as these games require some investment at the first instance. However, there are not only paid NFT games; the marketplace comprises robust free-to-play NFT games that can offer a handsome income to the players. Usually, the free-to-play NFT games are skill-based; one of the leading examples of a free-to-play NFT game is Tethan Arena.

 Other conventional free-to-play NFT games are gods unchained, hinterlands, etc. NFT games usually reward the players with their currency. For example, the currency of Axie Infinity is Axis, and after, you can interchange these in-game rewards with any possible cryptocurrency. 

The above write-up has demonstrated some free-of-cost methods to earn cryptocurrencies.

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