The Liberty International Review: The Benefits of Working with the Best Broker!

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Before the 1970s, currency trading was considered illegal because of the gold standard and Bretton Woods systems. It was mainly due to the fact that the exchange rate was regulated at that time, making it almost impossible for traders to speculate on the currency. When the Bretton Woods system collapsed in 1973, floating exchange rates made modern forex trading possible.

Due to its significant liquidity and, internet-based platform (which lacks exchanges, open pits, and floor brokers), quick order execution, the online trading market became instantly popular. If you trade during news releases or with high volume, you may have to accept some slippage, but often you can get all prices exactly as they appear on your broker platform. The majority of brokers provide instant trade execution using real-time quotations.

With the exception of weekends, traders in the forex market have the option of trading continuously from 20:15 GMT on Sunday until 22:00 GMT on Friday. Because markets open and close at different times across the world, this 24-hour trading is conceivable. You may alter your trading schedule by choosing to trade during the Asian, American, and European session hours. You may choose a schedule that is more convenient for you or your approach by working a little or a lot, trading during the day or at night. 

Hopefully, by now, your knowledge about forex trading has increased to some extent. Let’s now know about the best broker in this The Liberty International review and what kind of services it offers to its customers.

The Liberty International, who are they?

A large selection of currencies, narrow spreads, and rapid execution are all provided by the forex broker, The Liberty International. They also provide different types of accounts, allowing you to go for the best one that matches your needs.

The registration process takes only takes a few steps: open an account, add money, and begin trading. There’s no need to be cautious about using the platform or broker. With a user-friendly design, 24/5 customer support, and a wide selection of asset buying and selling options, it offers all the resources and tools you need to get going in the trading business.

The Liberty International- Trading Platform

In this The Liberty International review, let’s start with their trading platform. A broker must offer a unique and innovative trading platform to its clients so they may practice their trading strategies and receive the maximum benefit from them. 

All users who sign up with The Liberty International will have access to a relatively good user interface. The platform is flawless and defect-free. It has tons of features, including technical instruments, drawing tools, customizable charts, market analysis, one-click order execution, and much more.

What Trading Assets are available at The Liberty International?

Let us now look at the available assets of the company in this The Liberty International review. You might trade with more than 200 tradable assets, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, ETFs, stocks, and currency pairs.

●     Forex:

The foreign exchange (FX) market, where clients may trade the value of any country’s currency to another at any time, is the biggest and most utilized market. There are huge short-, medium-, and long-term profit prospects for traders on the Forex market, which is known for its liquidity. To keep things fresh, The Liberty International offers its clients a variety of pairings, including majors, minors, and exotics. 

●     Cryptocurrencies:

The Liberty International provides a reasonable starting point for trading cryptocurrencies. Customers may access a user-friendly interface, real-time market information, expert analysis, as well as all the tools they need to carry out profitable trades. Customers may use the platform to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Cardano, and other cryptocurrencies with confidence.

●     Indices:

More than 25 index CFDs are offered by the broker. Indices are groups of hand-picked equities that each represent a certain sector of the stock market. The company’s indices’ quality indicates its commitment to providing clients with the best experience possible. Many traders throughout the world prefer trading in indices as it offers relatively less risky outcomes.

●     Commodities:

Commodities are another asset class offered by this broker. CFDs of all the famous traded commodities, including Gold, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Cotton etc., are available on its platform. There are many subcategories of Commodities containing Energy, Metal, and Agriculture. The best thing about CFD trading is that traders do not need to own the asset physically to buy or sell it; rather, they can bet on the price volatility.

●     Stocks:

The trader may choose from CFDs on a variety of stocks. This gives them the opportunity to investigate numerous firms and take part in deals that have a higher chance of success. The Liberty International offers all the famous stocks like Google, Apple, Meta, Tesla, Pfizer etc.

How many Account types are there at The Liberty International?

Now let’s examine the broker’s account types in this The Liberty International review. Each of the five types of accounts has a unique collection of features and services.


For this sort of account, the minimal deposit is $250. This account also offers variable leverage of up to 1:100 and access to the launch of crypto wallets. Online broker, The Liberty International offers a wide range of trading options to meet the demands of all traders. For people who are new to automated software or have limited resources, the STARTER account is excellent.

Due to its low minimum deposit requirement and variety of payment options, The Liberty International STARTER account is a good alternative for beginners to start online investing.


The BASIC account type offers customers adjustable leverage of up to 1:200 in addition to all the “STARTER” options. Additionally, the opening balance for this account type is $10,000, which is relatively low compared to the other account kinds provided by The Liberty International. The BASIC account also gives users access to a senior account manager. Overall, it’s crucial to remember that the firm’s medium account is a fantastic option for consumers who want to improve their trading skills.


The minimal deposit for an ADVANCED account is $50,000. It contains all “BASIC” features and adjustable leverage up to 1:300. Using this program, you may access an endless supply of e-Books, video lessons, and personalized education. Whether you want to take a passive approach to investing or are interested in being actively involved in your investments, The Liberty International has an account to suit your taste.


A type of account known as PREMIUM includes all the “ADVANCED” characteristics mentioned above in addition to substantial leverage up to 1:400 with spreads starting at 1.3 pip. You could also get access to the One-on-One Trading Academy. $100,000 is the required minimum deposit for this account. You will also have restricted access to VIP events.

●     FLY HIGH:

A FLY HIGH account demands a minimum deposit of $250,000. It includes all “PREMIUM” characteristics and has spreads that are 0.0 pip thin. Additionally, you may have daily one-on-one sessions with trade analysts as well as unlimited access to all VIP events. You can also acquire a Level 1 Withdrawal Prioritizing facility.

Is the Registration Process simple?

Let’s now examine the procedure for registering with this broker in this The Liberty International review. To use every function offered by this company, you must first register and provide some basic information. Pick a strong password to keep unauthorized users from accessing your account. 

After registering, you’ll have access to the website’s trading tools and be able to add money to and take money out of your The Liberty International account. The business is concerned about security and wants to make sure that each user is protected from unauthorized access. You may feel secure knowing your account is protected by taking these easy safeguards.


The following section of this The Liberty International Review contains some flaws of the company:

●     No Video Tutorials:

The Liberty International offers fantastic educational facilities. A dictionary, an asset index, and electronic books are included in it. These products are not useless, but they require a lot of attention from users. Trading professionals usually work several jobs and do not have enough time to study lengthy literature. For such traders, including video training in educational materials would be beneficial and time-saving.

●     Introduce a mobile app:

The platform offers its users top-notch services. However, there is no trading app for mobile devices. In today’s global society, everyone, even investors, is glued to their cell phones. Making trading more accessible for mobile users would definitely help brokers attract more clients.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a simple, effective, and distinctive way to trade financial assets, this platform is well worth signing up for. Your trading experience will be enjoyable thanks to a range of features and a focus on security. 

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a recommendation. The author is not responsible for any resulting actions of the company during your trading experience.

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