The Latest Version of B2Broker’s B2Core Android App is Live

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We are beyond excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated B2Core app update for Android v1.2.0, which includes a number of user-friendly additions and enhancements for an overall better experience when depositing, withdrawing, transferring, and trading cryptocurrencies on the go! With a new design, the latest version offers the best possible experience to users. The following features are included in this upgrade:

  • Deposit Module
  • Withdrawal Module
  • Transfer Module
  • Exchange Module
  • Transaction History Module

We’ve made it easier to use your wallet and carry out transactions, added the first screen for the Funds module, and developed a multi-registration feature to allow individual and corporate account registration. We’re committed to giving our clients the best mobile trading experience possible; this update is part of that commitment.

Deposit Module

The Latest Version of B2Broker's B2Core Android App is Live 1

Our Android app has been updated to include a deposit module. With this comes an array of features that we incorporated into the B2Core application, like bank transfers and cryptocurrency deposits. Clients can now add funds to their wallets using any of the supported deposit methods. Customers can also deposit funds using their bank account numbers or QR codes for crypto deposits. On the same page, deposits made with assets other than those in the wallet may be changed into the wallet’s supported currency.

Withdrawal Module

The Latest Version of B2Broker's B2Core Android App is Live 2

With the new version, users may quickly withdraw money to their bank accounts or cryptocurrency wallets using only their mobile devices. The module includes a withdrawal page that performs currency conversion and indicative pricing, giving consumers an accurate idea of how much money they will receive after the transaction.

Transfer Module

The Latest Version of B2Broker's B2Core Android App is Live 3

The new transfer module makes it quick and simple to move money among accounts. The design of the interface was created with simplicity in mind, and a few taps are all that are required to execute a transfer. This module will also support funding platform accounts after our next release update.

Currency Exchange Module

The Latest Version of B2Broker's B2Core Android App is Live 4

The currency exchange module is simple and efficient because it provides you with data about the amount of money you will receive as well as the real-time conversion rate. With this module, converting from one currency to another takes only a few seconds. The module also offers indicative pricing, allowing you to evaluate the transaction’s cost before making it. This feature will be helpful for people who want to understand the specifics of their transactions.

Transaction History Module

The Latest Version of B2Broker's B2Core Android App is Live 5

This new screen will help users keep track of their finances by allowing them to see the entire history of executed and pending transactions. Users may also filter the sort of transaction, making it simpler to discover what they’re looking for. This tool will always keep users updated on the status of their transactions, so they can relax and feel confident that their money is safe.

Even More Improvements, Even Better App

The Latest Version of B2Broker's B2Core Android App is Live 6

In addition to the many new features, we have also made some enhancements to the B2Core Android app. These improvements will make the app more straightforward and more convenient for you.

Deposits and Withdrawals from the Wallet Details Screen

With our new wallet details page, users can deposit and withdraw money quickly: a vast improvement over having to visit separate pages for each operation. It’s not only easier to use but also more convenient and effective. Now, we have integrated these components so that all available actions for a particular wallet may be viewed on a single page. Users will no longer have to individually select the proper wallet for each action. As a result, our new wallet details page saves time while enhancing the user experience.

New Funds Module Screen

We recently updated our funds module screen to include an overview of all available modules, as well as the ability to access any module with just a few taps. It is now easier to find the information that you need and to execute the specified operation with the improved screen. Furthermore, the new screen displays a list of available transactions with funds in your account. With just a few taps, you can easily and quickly deposit or withdraw money from your accounts. The new design saves time and provides a more enjoyable experience overall.

Registration for Individual and Corporate Users

The application now has multi-registration capabilities! You can register for both corporate and individual accounts from within the app. This is a fantastic way to streamline your registration procedure and keep all your information in one place.

In Conclusion

We’re excited to announce that the B2Core Android App is now available in Google Play. We hope you enjoy all of the app’s new features. With new capabilities and a simpler user interface, the B2Core application has been vastly enhanced. We strove to develop an app that was simple yet overflowing with useful tools. We believe you’ll be pleased with the B2Core app’s ability to meet both standards. We encourage you to try the app for yourself; you can download it from the Google Play store. As always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for your support!

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