The Brand New B2Trader’s Upgrade: 100 Pairs With 100×100 Order Book


B2Broker is pleased to announce the completion of a new version of its B2Trader order-matching system, which is an integral part of the trading process and serves as a reliable guide to all necessary information on order status. The new system version supports up to 100 trading pairs and allows you to track the total supply and demand in a 100×100 depth order book. This innovation will be a great addition to the existing system’s functionality and will allow traders to execute large orders and thus make their trading experience even better. Many thanks for your support!

Better Matching Engine, More Pairs 

The Brand New B2Trader’s Upgrade: 100 Pairs With 100x100 Order Book 1

As mentioned above, the new version of the system is more efficient, giving access to about 100 pairs of any instrument with a market depth of 100×100. Users now have access to a wider range of trading instruments, using an engine that has become twice as productive thanks to the new release. All this will allow them to enjoy new opportunities for profit.

When looking at an order book for a particular instrument, the market depth tells you how many orders there are at each price level. A market depth of 100/100 means that the order book will now show the 100 best sellers and 100 best buyers. It will allow traders to execute larger orders more confidently, knowing there is sufficient market liquidity.

There are two option you can consider when it comes to add instruments to your exchange: 

  1. Using the admin panel, transfer the markets available from B2Trader directly to your cabinet.
  2. Select the instruments you wish to include on the checklist. Following that, your exchange will be placed under maintenance by the B2Trader team, and the chosen instruments will be added into the exchange within a short period of time.
The Brand New B2Trader’s Upgrade: 100 Pairs With 100x100 Order Book 2


The B2Broker team is constantly striving to make its goods and services better. Our goal is the most effective and user-friendly experience, and this most recent version is a huge step in that direction. We are sure this new update will aid our customers and establish B2Trader as the preferred platform for all your trading requirements. The moment has come to use it if you haven’t already. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or recommendations. Please contact us; we’d be pleased to hear from you. And keep an eye out for upcoming upgrades and more enhancements.

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