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  • Meme ETFs are funds that track meme assets like coins and stocks.
  • Bitget’s Crypto Meme ETF and Roundhill’s MEME ETF are notable options.
  • They’re high-risk, best for meme enthusiasts with tolerance for volatility.

The dynamics of word-of-mouth and social media trends have wielded significant influence in the financial realm for quite some time. A single tweet has the potential to send a crypto asset on a rollercoaster ride, while vibrant communities can catapult a penny stock to previously uncharted heights on trading charts. Mainly having shot to popularity during the tumultuous backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of meme stocks has been nothing short of a financial phenomenon. 

Meme  stocks, often recording meteoric rises due to social media fervour, have captivated most retail investors, particularly on platforms like Reddit. Yet, as traditional investors and analysts caution against their inherent volatility, dismissing them as speculative bets relying on small investors’ “to the moon” dreams , the narrative around meme stocks has still taken ground. A similar trend has occurred in the cryptocurrency market, driven by the ETF phenomena.

Much like the fervour surrounding meme stocks, the crypto market has witnessed the meteoric rise of meme coins, whose popularity has mainly resulted from social media trends and online communities. This parallel behaviour between meme stocks and meme coins  has paved the way for an innovative crypto-financial product,  the Meme ETF.

Fintech trailblazers have introduced a groundbreaking concept: Meme ETFs to provide investors with a low-risk entry point into a novel asset class. This article delves into what exactly these ETFs are all about and highlights some of the top Meme ETFs tailored for crypto traders. 

What are MEME ETFs?

It’s crucial to clearly understand ETFs and discern the difference between a Meme ETF and a Meme stock. 

ETF denotes Exchange Traded Fund and refers to an index representing a collection of stocks; traders  can trade this collection as one unit. As such, buying into an ETF translates to amalgamating your funds into a wide pool of assets funds under one management. 

Investors and traders usually implement portfolio monitoring tools like MarketBeat’s ETF tracker to identify investable assets within their interests and trading objectives. Trading ETFs presents a host of advantages; some of these include: 

  • Exposure to a range of assets combined into 1 unit. 
  • Mitigates high losses.
  • Serves as a hedge for speculating meme coins. 
  • High short-term ROI
  • New learning opportunities

The best meme ETFs

MemeETF — Crypto meme ETF

Bitget, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency trading landscape, unveiled its MemeETF offering this year, a spot ETF designed exclusively for meme-related assets. The ETF mirrors the price trends of popular tokens within the Meme sector.

The MemeETF operates in USDT denominations and has established a base price of 1 USDT. Comprising a curated selection of well-known assets in the Meme sector, the index includes major players such as:

  • Dogecoin 
  • Shiba Inu 
  • BONE 
  • PEPE 

What sets this ETF apart is its adaptability; Bitget made sure to adjust the component weights in real-time to align with the ever-changing market conditions. Hence guaranteeing traders an ever-evolving investment profile. 

Risks in investing in Meme ETFs 

Investing your money into MEME ETFs comes with various risks, like the uncertainties linked to other meme-related assets. These risks include:

High Volatility and Unpredictability: MEME ETFs, like meme stocks and meme tokens, can experience extreme and rapid price fluctuations influenced by external factors such as news events, celebrity endorsements, and social media trends.

Lack of Fundamentals: Meme stocks and by extension, MEME ETFs, often do not align with the fundamental performance of the underlying companies. They are driven by hype and sentiment, making them susceptible to market corrections and rapid loss of appeal.

Legal and Ethical Issues:  Meme stock trading, which influences MEME ETFs, can raise legal and ethical concerns, such as market manipulation and insider trading. This exposes investors to potential legal and regulatory scrutiny​​.

Given these investments’ significant market ups and downs and speculative nature, MEME ETFs are a high-risk, high-reward choice. They might be more fitting for investors with higher levels of risk tolerance. 

MEME ETF/USDT market analysis

MEMEETF/USDT reentered an ascending channel on Nov 14. The zone below the current $1.194 support seems to have trapped the bulls in the zone between the lower bearish target and the support. Buyers seem to be gaining momentum with the price heading for the upper target at $1.29 on the weekly market chart.


The strong price bounce of the support at $1.194 is an indication of increasing buyer support even when the price retraces. The bulls could attempt to push the price of the MEMEETF/USDT above the current resistance at $1.2600, however, the zone seems to have strong selling pressure.

If buyers can break the $1.26 resistance zone, they can easily test the upper target once more and mark the $1.3 region as the next target. Conversely, the price of the MEMEETF/USDT could drop to $1.194 lower target if the bulls are not strong enough to sustain the current support. As such, the buyers are aiming to flip the $1.26 region into a new support. 

To Hodl, invest or swing trade MEMEETF/USDT, Bitget exchange is a prominent cryptocurrencies and derivatives trading platform where you can monitor the markets and scoop profitable opportunities. 

Traditional MEME ETF 

Roundhill MEMEETF

The Roundhill MEME ETF has a goal of giving meme stock exposure to traditional investors by mirroring the market perfomance of the Solative Roundhill Meme Stock Index (MEME Index). However, the ETF excluded the fees and expenses when performing against the MEME Index. 

The MEME Index comprises 25 U.S.-listed equity securities, each equally weighted, and selected based on a combination of heightened social media activity and substantial short interest. 

Source: Roundhill Investments

Short interest is determined by the percentage of a security’s float that is currently sold short. Third-party API solutions provide data on short interest and social media activity. Meanwhile, every two weeks,  the index rebalances to capture all emerging stocks. The main emphasis of the MEME Index is on stocks that exhibit high shorting interest and surging retail sentiments. As such, the Roundhill MEME ETF often exhibits high volatility compared to other traditional equity ETFs. 


If you’re new to investing and checking out regular MEME ETFs or a fan exploring crypto coin meme ETFs, there are advantages to learning from both. While you can’t avoid all the risks with meme ETFs, you can be smarter by taking calculated chances and using trustworthy trading platforms. That’s an excellent way to start your journey into meme ETFs. 

Exploring meme stocks and meme coin ETFs provides an accessible gateway to delve into the world of meme-based investments. The MemeETF on Bitget, currently trading slightly above $1, offers a chance to acquaint yourself with meme-centric investments on one of the leading cryptocurrency derivative and trading platforms. 

Alternatively, those opting for the guidance of financial advisors rather than self-trading might find Roundhill Meme ETF a compelling choice, conveniently available on various brokerage platforms. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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