Tesla is supposed to hold its giant investment in bitcoins for a decade


There are lots of controversies made with bitcoins in this era. It is because bitcoins have become a precious asset for investment. But the recent tweet by Elon Musk, who is the Owner of the leading electric vehicle brand tesla. He tweeted that Tesla will not accept the payments in the form of bitcoins from clients who want to buy their vehicle. It was a surprising tweet because he mentioned that avoiding the use of bitcoin is the high-level emission of fossil fuels for conducting bitcoin-based transactions and mining of bitcoins. Tesla has invested almost $1.5 billion to buy bitcoins a few weeks ago.  The question is in the trend that how the biggest electric vehicle manufacturer was not aware of the working of the power grid. 

  • This all happened few days after his promotion of Dogecoins, which people all around the world saw on the show named Saturday night Live. He has also asked through tweet whether he should commence accepting payments through the Shiba Inu, which is the digital coin going through an excellent trend at present. Elon Musk is known as one of the most prominent investors in the world of bitcoins, but his tweet result 17 percent fall in the value of bitcoins. This fall was a shocking moment for the world as a whole because, within 2 hours, there was more than 0 % of fall. This created a fear of losing the hard-earned investment, which is why many of the investors start releasing their currency so that they will not have to face any considerable loss in the future, and for more idea, you can visit btc profit.
  • The tweet was like’ Tesla will not allow the purchase of its vehicle using bitcoins because the high level of energy is consumed for bitcoin relating transactions. The excessive consumption of fossil fuels like coal is a really very disappointing thing and a matter of concern for the environment. But the bitcoins investors should not worry about the quick selling of bitcoin by Tesla because it will preserve it. Any action regarding Tesla’s own investment will only occur when mining consumes less energy. Even the company is ready to wait for a much longer time the what is expected by them.

The Discovery of such an alternative can took more than years.

The matter is that it is not a very easy task to arrange the system, which can lead to low consumption of fuels for mining the bitcoins. These endless debates regarding the carbon emission by coal will affect the process of discovering a better alternative. Everyone should understand the fact that bitcoins are not based on any renewable power or fossil power. There are a considerable number of significant electricity users present in the world, and they buy power from the specific grid. In the same way, bitcoin is also mined after purchasing the power, and there are several generators attached to it.

There is not even a slight hint about the emergence of any sustainable model, which is much better than the present time. If Tesla has no plan to sell its bitcoins, then they will indeed have to wait for a couple of decades. This is because it can only be possible when China’s electricity grid will be decarbonized. It is expected to go through this near 2060.

What are the central regions of bitcoin mining?

The reports even suggest that almost 69 % of total bitcoin mining of the world is reported in China. This is entirely accurate data that the experts have extorted by using the IP addresses of mining pools available on the globe. China has a region named Xinjiang, which has the highest volume of coal is stored. If we talk about the other part with high mining rates, Sichuan is another area where the electricity is fungible. This means that bitcoin mining performed over here is much cleaner and energy conserving. 

One should just understand that mining and transaction of bitcoins have nothing to do with the excessive emissions of fossil fuels. Even the demand for a grid is getting raised by the addition of new bitcoin miners. This is why operators are influenced to equip more generators so that there should not be an issue of blackout.

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