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United States of America


California adopts and regulates cryptocurrencies

California widens its vision toward the cryptocurrency market after acknowledging its popularity. Regulators have decided to embrace cryptocurrencies along with the technological developments that follow. The United States has been friendly with cryptocurrencies ever since the People’s Republic of China decided to sever ties with the entire virtual market. Currently, the country competes among the…

New SEC Chairman is staunch anti Bitcoin

New SEC Chairman is staunch anti-Bitcoin

TL;DR Breakdown New SEC Chairman seems to be staunchly anti-Bitcoin. New SEC Chariman Gary Gensler pushes the US Congress for more regulations. Genslers remakrs stirrs debate in the cryptocurrency sphere. Cryptocurrency sphere is expected a regulatory clamp down after the media interview. The latest buzz in the cryptocurrency sphere is the Security Exchange Commission’s (SEC)…


Robinhood expands operations in Europe after Ziglu purchase

TL;DR Breakdown • American crypto platform expands its operations to Europe• Robinhood platform shares raise with their latest announcement Recently the Robinhood crypto wallet spoke about its future expansions where Ziglu, a financial institution in England, would be helping them to fulfill their mission. According to reports, the American crypto platform would be acquiring the…

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Louisiana state Rep. proposes new bill that could favor Bitcoin mining

TL;DR Breakdown The representative from Louisiana State and crypto fanatic Mark Wright has proposed a Bill called “No. 1010,” which may allow for the creation of deregulated industrial energy zones before his state’s House of Representatives. Such a law could attract crypto mining benefits to the Louisiana state government. Louisiana State Representative Mark Wright recently…


Reddit files for an IPO with the SEC

TL;DR Breakdown A few hours ago, Reddit said that it had finished applying for an IPO with the SEC. The company said that even though the filing is complete, its nature does not allow the public to view it. One of the most influential social media companies globally, Reddit, is planning to go public. The…


DeFi takes a beating at US Senate hearing

TL;DR Breakdown The US Senator feels DeFi is the most dangerous part of the crypto world. Sen. Sherrod Brown warns capitalists on stablecoin The US lawmaker Elizabeth Warren censured decentralized finance ((DeFi). She expressed reservation on how a crash on stablecoin could impact a minor stockholder. During a panel session at the legislature, the legislator…