Apple users beware: New malware hijacks crypto via fake blockchain games


Security researchers have identified a new infostealer malware named “Realst”, which is currently being used by cybercriminals to target Apple macOS users, including those on the upcoming macOS 14 Sonoma.  However, Web3 security firm SlowMist warned through a blog post that the malware is being propagated through fake blockchain games such as Brawl Earth, WildWorld, […]

Experts detect crypto-mining malware targeting Kubernetes clusters


TL;DR Breakdown Security experts have detected a new crypto-mining malware targeting Kubernetes clusters. The malware is believed to be from TeamTNT. New malware is reportedly targeting Kubernetes clusters, a set of nodes that run containerized applications, to mine cryptocurrencies unauthorizedly. The security researchers at Palo Alto Networks Inc. spotted the crypto-mining malware recently, adding that […]

Lazarus hacking group is using LinkedIn ads to target victims

Hacker Returns Major Portion of Stolen Funds To Euler Finance

Lazarus hacking group, a cybercrime ring based in North Korea is using LinkedIn advertisements to target cryptocurrency users. According to a recent report, the group is targeting cryptocurrency and blockchain talents by posting ads regarding crypto-related jobs. Once triggered, the ad runs malicious macro code on the victim’s device. Lazarus hacking group attacking through LinkedIn […]

GMERA malware targeting mac crypto users detected

GMERA Malware

Researchers have discovered ‘GMERA malware’ a trojan that targets crypto traders using Mac. The malware infects targets through websites that imitate legitimate websites with a similar domain and user interface to target unsuspecting users. The malware was detected by researchers at cybersecurity company ESET who revealed that the GMERA malware can steal data through “browser […]

Malware mining cryptocurrency on NASA, Mozilla provider

Malware mining cryptocurrency on NASA Mozilla provider

Hacking in the cryptocurrency realm has been increasing amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and in the latest malware mining cryptocurrency attacks, Ghost, a blogging platform is reportedly one of the victims. While software technology firms Digicert and LineageOS are also believed to be compromised in the hack. The malware mining cryptocurrency targeted the servers to leech […]

A Monero mining malware targets 35,000 computers in Latin America

A Monero mining malware targets computers in Latin America

Cybersecurity experts from ESET identified a Monero mining botnet that illicitly gained access to over 35,000 computer systems across Latin America and has been active at least since May 2019. The botnet called Victory Gate has been identified as a crypto mining botnet available in three different variants ever since the original model was tracked […]

Ransomware attacks in US decline amid COVID-19

Ransomware attacks in US decline amid COVID

Internet security firm Emsisoft recently published a report which reveals that the US ransomware attacks have seen a considerable decline ever since the COVID-19 outbreak ravaged the country’s densely populated regions. It’s a combination of good and bad news. On the one hand are the public sector organizations in the US that are breathing a […]

Coronavirus crypto scammers turn attention towards remote workers

Coronavirus crypto scammers

With the continuous ravage of the coronavirus pandemic and its role in surging numbers of crypto scams, coronavirus crypto scammers have now turned their attention and ramped-up attack on remote workers. The pandemic since its outbreak in the world has left a lot of people jobless and many others forced to work from home to […]

2 Malware modification combinations allow hacking of social media networking sites

malware modification combinations

In the recent past, Kaspersky technicians issued stern security warning over malware modification combinations of two android trojans that could get access to internet users’ cookies and control their browsing. Malware modification combinations ‘fish’ crypto accounts logins The researchers indicate that once the two malware modification combinations are used together, they enable hackers to steal cookies […]

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