Paypal spark fury and accusations of “Crypto Gambling”

Pay pal

Nobel-prize winner, and noted cryptocurrency critic Nouriel Roubini, today unleashed a furious tirade against Paypal over their decision to support cryptocurrencies. Roubini claims the move will be damaging to Paypal’s customer base. Roubini’s Twitter account shared an article written by David Gerard, another fervent critic of cryptocurrency. In the article, David accuses them of “crypto […]

Peer-to-peer Advertising Platform: What I learned about AdDragon

peer to peer advertising platform

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. The ever-growing competition requires greater attention and effort to develop excellent marketing strategies. Hence, new marketing methods have been developed that all have a common goal: targeting and reaching potential clients who will be a base for sales and business development.  Today, millennials and Generation-Z value authenticity over […]

Evergrande’s $300 billion debt endangers global economy


TL;DR Breakdown China-based real estate giant Evergrande is in turmoil as its debts prove to be a pain point for its progress. The company may soon be facing bankruptcy issues with one of its primary fund injectors, the German Market Screening Agency. Evergrande is again finding itself in hot soup, following its near-default to its $300 […]

Lord Hammond assumes a new thrilling advisory role at Copper


TL;DR Breakdown Lord Hammond takes up a new strategic advisory role at Copper. The firm hopes to use Lord Hammond’s expertise to guide its plans for global expansion. Copper, a UK-based cryptocurrency startup, has announced that Philip Hammond will be joining its team. Lord Hammond is a former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer. He served […]

12-year-old boy sells NFTs collection for $350,000


TL;DR Breakdown • Benyamin Ahmed presented his NFTs collection “Weird Whales,” selling in less than 9 hours.• The market for non-fungible tokens is preparing for the next collection to be displayed. Benyamin Ahmed, a boy of only 12 years old, is a trend for participating in the NFTs market and making a lot of money. […]

Finhaven plans to lead the crypto and capital markets


TL;DR Breakdown • The technology company Finhaven presents its token called FinToken.• FinToken will allow buying and selling cryptosecurities using crypto Finhaven is a Canadian platform dedicated to financial service and technology and is based in Vancouver. The company has revolutionized the crypto market with its new token called FinToken, allowing it to buy, exchange […]

Why FinTech should love Content Marketing

fintech industry

The FinTech industry is changing rapidly and now faces the question: Is the technology growth forcing fintech to evolve? Or conversely, do the needs of fintech urge the technology to step up? Why should I bring it up, or how does it relate to content marketing? You ask. Well, hold your horses.  I would say […]

Three major factors driving consumers’ purchase and investment decisions

factors driving consumers

Consumers are key figures in the marketplace as they help marketers determine the right marketing mix that will help push an idea. Figuring out what consumers really want (before they do) will be an information gold mine for crafting a campaign that will resonate with buying and investment personas. Consumers today reportedly don’t just want to […]

Token Sale/Blockchain Startup: How to correctly prepare for your marketing campaign

marketing campaign

In one webinar, I’ve warned about pushing half-cooked marketing campaigns. It’s true, failing to plan thoroughly is planning to fail. Even a marketing campaign needs a follow through after it’s launched. Choosing to rush through or ignore downtrends of an ongoing marketing campaign can be a formula for failure. How to track the success of […]

Preparing for massive FinTech Marketing demands in 2021

fintech marketing

Introduction Why would there be a massive demand for marketing with the FinTech world? That’s a pretty interesting question because if you look at the current trends that we have, there are more and more FinTech companies coming in every single day.  This was not the case in the past. Even 10 years ago, five […]

Library of Congress is experiencing a climb in demand for crypto law

rsz inaki del olmo nijueqw rkg unsplash

Library of Congress, US, is experiencing an acceleration in the number of people looking into crypto law. The US library has had to meet the increase in demand by supplying additional resources on crypto law. Last week, the library put out a crypto guide so, people know where to look for all things regulation regarding […]

The US treads the CBDC path slowly

rsz luke michael tdwu bcuj unsplash

The US Federal Reserve chair insisted the US would not be in a rush to adopt a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Jerome Powell announced the US’s intentions of pacing it with crypto at the International Monetary Fund seminar on October 19th, 2020. Mr. Powell said it is crucial to get it right than to […]

JPM coin enters the crypto space

rsz roman fox hanckwqnbq unsplash

JP Morgan designed a blockchain called ‘Onyx’ and a JPM coin which will be worth one US dollar or fiat currency. The currency is being utilized by a global tech company for international payments, marking the premiere of its commercial use and Onyx now has 100 staff. The cryptocurrency was launched in February 2019 with […]

Ethereum price predicted to hit $500 according to options data

Ethereum price predicted to hit according to options data

Ethereum has been on an upward trend since March, when the price dropped to $90, reaching a trading high of $444 on August 14th, which has acted as strong resistance in the last few days. The prices in the spot market for Ethereum has now stabilized and playing around $125. However, future and options data […]

Crypto ad ban policy of Google, Twitter, and Facebook faces Australian lawsuit

U.S. lawmakers present National AI Commission Act to drive responsible AI development and regulation

The regressive crypto ad ban policy followed by American technology firms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, is set to be challenged in a court of law. According to the case filed by JPB Liberty, the crypto plaintiffs have sought the lifting if this arbitrary crypto ad ban imposed by tech companies. The class-action legal battle […]

John McAfee calls bitcoin an ancient technology

John McAfee calls bitcoin an ancient technology

John McAfee, a controversial businessman, and programmer criticized Bitcoin as an “old, tired, worthless coin.” prior, John McAfee had predicted that bitcoin would go on to hit $1 million. John McAfee, who is very well known for making controversial statements, has once again spoken out against the leading cryptocurrency bitcoin. In a tweet, John McAfee […]

XRP holders topple down Garlinghouse statue; what’s next?

xrp holders

On Friday, hundreds of indignant holders converged at Ripple’s head office in downtown San Francisco dissenting the poor price performance of XRP and Ripple’s defeat to hold out its target. As they shouted “Where’s the bank money?”, XRP holders toppled down the statue of Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Angry XRP holders demand answers Worn-out of […]

Mark Cuban talks about Bitcoin and American economy amid coronavirus

Mark Cuban talks about Bitcoin and American economy amid coronavirus

In a recent episode of The Pomp Podcast billionaire entrepreneur and Bitcoin critic Mark Cuban shared his opinion on the monetary policy decisions taken by the government post the health crisis and what it would take to change his critical stance on Bitcoin.   The widespread lockdowns to curtail the spread of the deadly virus […]

European economy will be worst hit by coronavirus, ECB

European economy will be worst hit by coronavirus ECB

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) vice president Luis de Guindos said in an interview that the European economy is likely to face the worst consequences of the coronavirus pandemic as the world continues to cower in terror, The Irish Times reported on 12th April 2020. As governments continue to encourage people to huddle up inside […]

Bitcoin saving, gold, silver better than Dollar saving – Robert Kiyosaki

Bitcoin saving

Multilevel marketing guru and author of evergreen Rich dad Poor dad published in 1997, Robert Kiyosaki has come out to say that Bitcoin saving, gold, silver is the best way to preserve wealth as against saving American dollars, which is quite common. Making this claim via a Twitter post, the business mogul took a jibe […]

Global market crash disappointing but Bitcoin value will always improve – Bitfinex CTO

global market crash revised

Global market crash is rattling these past days, but according to Paolo Ardoino, the Bitfinex CTO, there will always be an improvement in the worth of Bitcoin. The failure in the comprehensive central bank policies is due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The European Central’s Bank has responded to this outbreak as a “disappointing” occurrence. […]

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