Ubisoft expands gaming presence with Cronos partnership


Video game behemoth Ubisoft is making significant strides in the flourishing NFT gaming space, adding yet another blockchain network to its roster as a validator. In an announcement, the firm revealed its support for the Cronos network, where it will operate a node on the open-source blockchain that is interoperable with Ethereum and Cosmos. Ubisoft […]

Google to let blockchain and NFT apps on Android

Google to let blockchain and NFT apps on Android

Bridging the gap between technology and transparency, Google is set to integrate blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its Android platform. Having announced a policy shift earlier this year to facilitate clearer NFT guidelines, Google has now disclosed a comprehensive set of rules regulating these innovative digital experiences. Google’s embrace of blockchain technology Underlining the […]

What’s the future of NFTs – 2023 market outlook

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NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have exploded in popularity in recent years, with 2021 being a particularly significant year for the market. NFTs are unique digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded on blockchain networks. These assets can take various forms, such as artwork, music, video, and even virtual real estate. As we look […]

Can NFTs disrupt the gaming sector?


NFTs have been imbibed fully into the gaming sector over the last few years. This is because most of them provide use cases for the rare digital arts across the sector. One such is allowing players to own in-game assets and sell them at their convenience. However, there is a big consensus that most gamers […]

Is this SHIBA’s road to a new all-time high?


On 17 September 2022, the official account of SHIBA inu tweeted, “Congratulations #ShibArmy @ShibaEternity launches in Australia! Available in the Apple App Store at this time. Google Play Store launching soon!” This is huge news for the SHIBA community because, with the launching of this game, the SHIBA ecosystem will see enormous growth. It is […]

Are gaming NFTs dead?

US toy manufacturer Mattel launches P2P NFT Marketplace for Digital Collectibles

The bear market has affected most digital assets as the users have become weary of losses. Gaming NFTs are one of those categories that saw a downtrend because of the decreased investments. The crypto speculators’ investments poured billions of dollars into a risky market. The result wasn’t that good, and it resulted in failure for […]

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