Google Announces Funding for Ethical AI Research


In a significant move, Google has introduced the Digital Futures Project, demonstrating its commitment to financing ethical AI research. This initiative aims to bring together a diverse range of experts to understand and address the myriad opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI).  Google.org, the company’s philanthropic arm, has allocated a substantial fund of $20 […]

Ottochain Launches Testnet Powered by Cosmos SDK and Octopus 2.0

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Abuja, Nigeria/FCT, September 8th, 2023, Chainwire Ottochain, a revolutionary application-specific blockchain (Appchain) within the Octopus Network, is poised to reshape the landscape of Web3 and redefine how communities engage with groundbreaking technology. With its focus on interoperability, security, and community-driven governance, Ottochain empowers users, developers, investors, and communities to collaboratively build the future of Web3 […]

One Trading Launch Instant Trade


London, United Kingdom, September 8th, 2023, Chainwire One Trading, the crypto asset exchange formerly operating under the Bitpanda Pro brand, today announced its new product, Instant Trade.   Having recently raised €30M and fully separated from Bitpanda, Instant Trade is another step forward for One Trading as it diversifies its offering and establishes its footprint as […]

CryptoMinerBros Celebrates 5 Years of Building the Future in the Crypto Mining Community

Crypto miner bros 5th anniversary 1691144335FpO8KV6zJG

Kowloon city, HongKong, August 7th, 2023, Chainwire Founded in August 2018 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Crypto Miner Bros has become one of the leading crypto mining hardware distributors within five years of its launch. With a dedicated team of blockchain experts, e-commerce specialists, and crypto mining professionals, Crypto Miner Bros has become a reputable […]

Polygon Backs $1.5M Institutional DEX D8X Deal, Betting on Rise From CeFi To DeFi

d8x derivatives v2 16909207660c9bFxutIx

Zug, Switzerland, August 4th, 2023, Chainwire D8X’s pre-seed round features Polygon Ventures, Axelar Network, Swissborg Ventures and others   D8X, an institutional-grade decentralized exchange (DEX) for derivatives on Polygon zkEVM, announced a $1.5 million pre-seed round with support from Polygon Ventures and other notable investors. The capital will help D8X launch a decentralized derivatives trading platform […]

ATPBot Unveils Intelligent Brain for AI-Powered Crypto Trading

ATPBot image cover 1600 900 1690966621lix002OpRH

Singapore, Singapore, August 2nd, 2023, Chainwire ATPBot, an AI-powered trading bot for crypto markets, has launched its latest product. The bot offers unique trading strategies and services that outshine other trading methods. A crypto investment platform focused on quantitative and machine learning-driven strategies, ATPBot has gained popularity among investors due to a number of key […]

Terminal 3 Raises Pre-Seed Funding for Decentralized User Data Infrastructure


Hong Kong, Hong Kong, August 2nd, 2023, Chainwire Terminal 3, a Hong Kong-based Web3 startup, has successfully raised an oversubscribed pre-seed round to build user data infrastructure for a decentralized future. The company announced today a world-class investor group comprising 500 Global, CMCC Global, Consensys Mesh, Bixin Ventures, BlackPine, DWeb3, Hard Yaka, Bored Room Ventures, […]

Enjinstarter IDO investors win big with AI

Top Launchpad 1690793927i9E9UoEXOu

Singapore, Singapore, August 1st, 2023, Chainwire Launchpad delivers 142.4% ROI YTD thanks to carefully curated selection of AI projects Leading IDO launchpad, Enjinstarter, announced today that its stable of AI-powered Web3 projects has earned investors an average ROI of 142.4% YTD in 2023. This puts Enjinstarter firmly in the top 3 of IDO providers worldwide, […]

Borderless Capital Leads $1.5M Investment into the GEODNET Foundation to Support a Precise and Trusted Decentralized Location Service

Strengthening the foudation 1688784886RDNXxflHH8

Palo Alto, California, USA, July 25th, 2023, Chainwire GEODNET’s growing Global Network of 3000+ web3 GNSS Base-stations is recognized by industry as a leading commercial solution for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) applications The GEODNET Foundation (GeoDAO PTE, LTD) announced the completion of a private $1.5M token sale at EthCC (The Ethereum Community Conference). The round was […]

Kalima Secures $10 Million Investment Commitment and Announces Private Sale and DEX Listing

Kalima2 1689336268PZjRljAPG7

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 17th, 2023, Chainwire Delegated proof-of-stake blockchain Kalima has entered into an agreement with ABO Digital, a private alternative funding group based in the Bahamas and Dubai. This significant partnership involves a commitment of US$10 million into the French-based blockchain company. Kalima has also released details of its KLX token sale. […]

Powering the Next Generation of Gaming: XBorg Sells Out $2 Million Seed Round Community Allocation

PR Graphic 1689146399JrqtpbXCCD

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 13th, 2023, Chainwire XBorg, the Web3 company developing a collaborative credential infrastructure that allows players to create their digital identity and enjoy tailored user experiences within enhanced gaming applications, sold out their $2 million seed round community allocation in record time. The funds will facilitate the scaling and adoption efforts […]

Hackvolution: BNB Chain kicks off Hackathon to Drive Innovation and Collaboration

hackvolution 168924274269QVp0Idn1

N/A, N/A, July 13th, 2023, Chainwire BNB Chain’s Hackvolution is receiving support from COMBO, Google Cloud, CyberConnect, Hooked Protocol, and Ultiverse, as well as several world-leading universities for the upcoming hackathon The Hackathon aims to unleash the power of opBNB and Greenfield to transform developers into successful project founders BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart […]

Atpbot Launches The Easiest Automated Crypto Trading Bot For Investors

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Singapore, Singapore, July 12th, 2023, Chainwire ATPBot has launched one of the easiest auto-trading bots on the market. With its user-friendly interface and simplified features, the bot offers a hassle-free experience for novice and experienced traders. ATPBot focuses on quantitative trading strategy development and services. It uses artificial intelligence to develop and implement quantitative trading […]

NFT Lender Gondi Launches With $5.35M Funding Round From Major Investors

Seed2x 1689015095cahqks5Jmi

New York, USA, July 11th, 2023, Chainwire Florida Street’s seed round features Hack.vc, Foundation Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital, 6th Man Ventures and others Cutting-edge NFT lending protocol Gondi launched July 11 with support from a $5.35 million seed round by some of the most notable firms in crypto. Lenders and borrowers can now capitalize […]

Veloce Media Group announces major investment commitment of $50 million from GEM Digital Limited

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London, United Kingdom, July 6th, 2023, Chainwire Veloce Media Group announces major investment commitment of $50 million from GEM Digital Limited Significant investment to fuel Veloce Media Group’s growth  Gem Digital Ltd a global leading digital asset investment firm  Following the announcement of Veloce Media Group’s evolution to Web3, with the launch of its new blockchain […]

DWF Labs Doubles Down on Conflux with $28 Million Invested

DWFxConflux 1687874589BaxFluxIJq

Hong Kong, China, June 28th, 2023, Chainwire DWF Labs, the global digital asset market maker, and multi-stage Web3 investment firm, has further strengthened its commitment to support the growth of Conflux, the tree-graph consensus algorithm Layer-1 blockchain. Conflux has been gaining significant traction since February 2023 on the back of some key partnerships, including the […]

MetaBlaze Announces $4M Crypto Presale Sellout, Gaming Partnerships, and AI MetaChip NFT Drop

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Dover, USA, June 26th, 2023, Chainwire MetaBlaze, a pioneering Web 3 Gaming, and AI Company, is building momentum as they approach its upcoming Q3 launch. Between strategic partnerships with household Crypto Gaming brands, a sold-out presale, and a never-before-seen AI-Integrated NFT collection, the MetaBlaze ecosystem is primed for its next evolution stage. MetaBlaze Reaches $4M […]

Swaap Closes $4.5M Seed Round and Announces Upcoming v2 Launch

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Paris, France, April 19th, 2023, Chainwire Swaap Labs, the company building Swaap, has successfully secured over $4.5 million in seed funding. Swaap builds the Next-Generation Market Making Protocol that leverages a combination of oracles and dynamic spread for sustainable yields and reduced trading costs. Its unique approach aims to offer liquidity providers (LPs) passive and […]

Flow Secures $3M Seed Funding To Build A Rollup Centric NFT Ecosystem.

Screen Shot 2023 04 13 at 114219 AM 1681404158wdPnkai1Kv

San Francisco, United States, April 21st, 2023, Chainwire Introducing Flow: The Game-Changing NFT Ecosystem Set to Revolutionize the NFT Market. Aggregator Beta Launches on Ethereum Mainnet. Groundbreaking AI and Rollup-Centric Roadmap Unveiled; Anticipated Token Launch on April 30. Flow’s aggregator makes NFT bidding a breeze with their groundbreaking “place bid once, buy from everywhere” technology. Flow’s […]

WOW EARN Introduces Free Mining Platform That Anyone Can Use

wow3 1681199832ghfMYed1Kp

New York, United State, April 11th, 2023, Chainwire WOW EARN has unveiled its up-and-coming mining platform that offers a new way to earn passive income. This is achieved through a unique mining mechanism. Conventional mining that supports PoW-based cryptocurrencies is complicated and expensive. Professional hardware can cost up to $8.5k per unit, and amateur miners […]

Ash Environmental DAO Announces Ash Token Sale to Champion Social Good

Ash Logo for Press Release 1681166434M6CFpn1TTa

Potomac Falls, United States, April 11th, 2023, Chainwire Ash Environmental DAO has announced the dates of its token sale. The event will run from April 17 to May 7, giving participants the chance to purchase the Ash token and become part of a global ecosystem committed to funding high-impact innovations to address real-world challenges. The […]

Open-Source Blockchain D-Ecosystem Raises $6M Ahead of March 29th IDO

image 2023 03 24T11 23 34 559Z 1679750598OpQXfOq5zg

Tallinn, Estonia, 27th March, 2023, Chainwire Open-source blockchain D-Ecosystem has announced that it has raised $6M in funding ahead of its initial DEX offering (IDO). The public sale, scheduled to start on March 29, will mark the first phase of the DXC token sale. Starting at 12 pm UTC on March 29, D-Ecosystem will initiate […]

DigiFT DEX Raises $10.5M in Pre-Series A Funding Led by Shanda Group


Singapore, Singapore, 3rd March, 2023, Chainwire DigiFT, a Singapore-based decentralized exchange (DEX) for asset-backed tokens (STO), has completed a Pre-Series A funding round, securing US$10.5 million.   The investment round was led by Shanda Group, a global privately-owned investment group founded by Chinese online entertainment pioneer Tianqiao Chen and family in 1999. Shanda Group’s business […]

BitCard® and Blackhawk Network (BHN) to Offer Bitcoin Gift Cards at Select U.S. Retailers

161 BitCard x Blackhawk 1677628270yNlxDeWu8i

Paoli, United States, 1st March, 2023, Chainwire BitCard® has announced a new relationship with Blackhawk Network (BHN), one of the world’s leaders in branded payment technology. Through this groundbreaking commercial relationship, BitCard® will offer its Bitcoin Gift Card at select U.S. retailers in BHN’s vast network of retailers and B2B channels. This relationship marks a […]

Metacade presale stage 5 selling out as strategic partnership with MEXC is confirmed

Metaverse Stock 16 1677524936YfmCFfrfsv

London, England, 28th February, 2023, Chainwire Metacade, a community-led GameFi project, has gained significant momentum in its presale following the recent announcement of its strategic partnership with leading exchange MEXC. Only 3 presale stages remain before the MCADE token is sold out and officially listed on exchanges. Stage 5 of the GameFi arcade’s presale is […]

Revolutionizing the NFTs- Telept City Launches Cutting-Edge AIGC NFT Platform for Web3

TPPR 2 16771274850LveSGbrBf

San Francisco, USA, 25th February, 2023, Chainwire Telept Inc., a Web 3.0 startup, has announced today the launch of a ground-breaking first-mover Web PC platform Telept City, which empowers participants to create one-of-a-kind AI generated Non-Fungible Token (NFT) called X-Native. With its cutting-edge AI Generated Content (AIGC) image generation model that has undergone rigorous fine-tuning […]

ABO Digital Commits $25M to Extended Reality Metaverse Company Spheroid Universe

Main 1 16769795831MgIramp51

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 21st February, 2023, Chainwire Spheroid secures $25 million in an investment commitment from ABO Digital as a strategic financing partner. Spheroid is an AR/XR platform that uses the SPH utility token for powering all the activities in its ecosystem. This funding commitment from ABO Digital marks a significant milestone for Spheroid, which plans […]

Collector Crypt Closes Competitive Seed Round

Banner 1600x900 round8 1675891252mWjFeTwlwM

San Francisco, USA / California, 8th February, 2023, Chainwire Collector Crypt, a revolutionary startup bringing the $402 billion physical collectibles market to the Web3 space, has successfully closed its seed round, securing investments from GSR, Big Brain Holdings, FunFair Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Master Ventures Investment Management, StarLaunch, and Telos. Collector transforms the multi-billion-dollar collectibles […]

Metropoly Pre-Sale Raised 300k After Releasing Beta

1920 1080 1 16710205081YdpENAX8Q

British Virgin Islands, BVI, 15th December, 2022, Chainwire The Metropoly presale for the METRO token has started successfully, with seven stages sold out and only three remaining. The METRO token presale started at $0.033 and will launch at a fixed price of $0.1. Metropoly has already managed to raise over $300,000 in its presale. The […]

BinaryX Introduces Cyber Incubation Fund to Support Blockchain Games

Cyber Incubation Fund2 1670823708nEWjGmPJJJ

Singapore, Singapore, 12th December, 2022, Chainwire BinaryX launches a new 220,000 BNX Cyber Incubation Fund, aimed at driving the growth and adoption of Web3 games.  The fund, supported by the project team, seed investors and members of the BNX community, will be used to invest in on-chain gaming projects that utilize or are experimenting with […]

Metacade Presale for Web3’s First-Ever P2E Crypto Arcade Raises Over $670k in Under 2 Weeks

Abstract Stock 17 1670444065p4r17QrhFl

London, United Kingdom, 8th December, 2022, Chainwire Metacade, the first-ever community-developed play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain arcade, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated $MCADE token presale.  The sale of Metacade’s native utility token sold over an incredible $670k in under 2 weeks, with their Beta Sale stage now over 60% SOLD OUT. $MCADE is available […]

RealFevr Raises €10 Million to Build the Ultimate Web3 GameFi Sports Ecosystem

RealFevr Raises 10M Cover 16672505843GOMMakiDC

Lisbon, Portugal, 31st October, 2022, Chainwire The Web3 Portuguese startup is boosting the Sports GameFi & NFT space through product and market innovation, including solving the speculative and utility issues in the digital collectibles industry. Since 2021, RealFevr has released its token ($FEVR), launched the first soccer video NFT marketplace, closed partnerships with organizations such […]

Inu & meme equivalent to Cleverminu token launched with 1 trillion IMO sale

clever4 16669386914Q5yj41sKQ

London, UK, 31st October, 2022, Chainwire Cleverminu, a hybrid meme and Inu token, has shared details of its much-anticipated token sale. The public event has seen 1 trillion CLEVERMINU tokens made available to establish a decentralized economy powered by its users. The token sale began on October 27 at 9:00 UTC, supporting price discovery and […]

Dragonfly Fintech Wins G20 TechSprint CBDC Challenge

TechSprint Winner 1200 X 720 Banner 1666163012gGVDbxPXSo

Singapore, Singpore, 19th October, 2022, Chainwire The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and Bank Indonesia under the Indonesian G20 Presidency announced the winners of their jointly organized G20 TechSprint competition last week during a live award ceremony in Jakarta. This third edition of the TechSprint aims to catalyze the development of central bank […]

Inery Acquires Investment From Metavest at $128m Valuation

METAVEST 1663144995RuNyxIq3HO

Singapore, Singapore, 14th September, 2022, Chainwire Inery a decentralized data management system, has announced that it has secured an investment from web3-focused blockchain VC firm Metavest in the first week of September at the valuation of $128m Inery is a decentralized data management system bringing DB to Web3. It provides low-cost, reduced latency, secure, and […]

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