North Korea develops warheads with profits from crypto cyber-attacks, -UN report

Crypto ransomware

TL;DR Breakdown A report from the UN reveals North Korea has been responsible for enormous cyberattacks. North Korea is said to have used the money accumulated to develop nuclear weapons. The cyber attacks are targeting cryptocurrency trading platforms and financial institutions. North Korea is making rapid progress on weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), earning millions […]

Chainalysis report: Scammers are stealing millions with malware

Chainalysis report

TL; DR Breakdown Scammers are using low-quality malware to steal millions Chainalysis report excluded ransomware Stolen funds on centralized exchanges are reducing Crimes in the crypto sector have continued to go on, even if it is at a very low rate compared to the previous years. Although this year is just starting, last year saw […]

Bitmart suspends withdrawal services as it counts losses of $200M in cyber-attack


TL;DR Breakdown Cyber goons attack Bitmart, making away with a stash of more than 20 Altcoins, including BNB, BPAY, and FLOKI. Bitmart suspends crypto withdrawals as it counts losses of about $200M to investigate how the tokens’ disappeared.’ Bitmart crypto exchange has announced the suspension of withdrawal services for their customers after confirming a possible […]

BadgerDAO: Hackers drain $10 million in latest DeFi breach


TL;DR Breakdown BadgerDAO suffers $10 million hack. Traders were sent illicit permission notifications. BADGER loses 15% of its value. The decentralized finance industry of the crypto sector has now become one of the most sought-after industries. This is because it provides users with anonymity, and they can carry out their activities without the prying eyes […]

Interview: Why hackers continue to hit DeFi protocols, solutions


TL;DR Breakdown Spate at which hackers hit crypto and DeFi protocols continue to surge. Over $7bn lost to attacks on crypto industry in 2021. Why hackers continue to target Crypto industry. The spate at which hackers hit the DeFi space and cryptocurrency industry by extension has continued to be a source of concern for the […]

DeFi hack attack sees Cream Finance lose $130 million

DeFi hack

TL;DR Breakdown Cream Finance suffers DeFi hack worth $130 million. This is the third time the platform will be hacked this year. Gensler proposes regulation in the DeFi sector.  Cryptocurrencies have been earmarked to be the game-changer in the world of finance. This is because the assets have a lot of use cases signaling technological […]

Veteran author publishes book on cryptocurrency hacking

cryptocurrency hacking

TL;DR Breakdown James Marinero writes book on cryptocurrency hacking. Marinero describes crypto hacking as threat to the world. Welsh author James Marinero has published a book about cryptocurrency hacking which he wrote at anchor in New Zealand during the Covid lockdown. The book published on Wednesday, September 15 via Amazon is titled “Blockchain Exploit.” ‘Blockchain […]

Stellar price analysis: XLM receives massive shock as price levels sink to $0.34

Stellar price analysis Bulls continue ruling the charts as the price is now positioned at

TL;DR Breakdown The latest Stellar price analysis shows a major change in market trends. After a tremendous rise, price shockingly goes down to $0.34. Buyers still retain an upper hand over the market, as support continues to be $0.32. Stellar price analysis is indicating a noticeable shift in the market trends, today. The price value, […]

Phishing attacks targeted at crypto exchange surge in 2021

Atomic wallet hack

TL;DR Breakdown Phishing attacks on crypto rises in 2021. Crypto price surge is one reasons there’s an uptick in phishing scams. Crypto space remains exposed to hack in different forms. There has been an upsurge in phishing attacks targeted at crypto exchange and investors, which is currently 10 times the numbers in 2021. Similarly, phishing […]

Monero price analysis: Bears push XMR to $271.43

Monero price analysis bears strike taking the price levels to

TL;DR Breakdown Monero price analysis shows bearish momentum interrupted bullish trend. Monero price analysis shows a resistance level of $279.43. Support may go lower than $261.21, if bears continue to rule. The latest Monero price analysis is showing us a bearish momentum, with the price levels dropping to a level of $271. The weekly ratio […]

Tesla – $1.5 Billion invested in Bitcoin with plans to accept cryptocurrency


$1.5 billion in Bitcoin has been invested by Tesla Inc. as reported by Bloomberg News Reports. Tesla Inc. expects to start accepting the cryptocurrency as payment mode. This news has pushed the price of Bitcoin close to $45,000 at the time of writing. Elon Musk continues to influence the market in positive ways. Time has […]

Chainalysis: Crypto ransomware attacks rose by 311% in 2020

personal data

TL;DR Breakdown Illicit transactions with crypto dropped to 0.3 percent in 2020. However, there is a spike in the number of ransomware attacks. The growth of the cryptocurrency industry has been an attractive factor for cyber-criminals. The market was threatened with several fraudulent investment schemes and hackers over the past years, causing a setback for […]

Kucoin hack: Co-founder reveals exchange has recovered 84% of stolen assets

Kucoin hack Co founder reveals exchange has recovered of stolen assets

KuCoin co-founder updated the community about the KuCoin hack and the recovery process. The exchange has recovered 84 percent of the stolen funds. The exchange has resumed services for 176 tokens while others will be resumed by 22 November. One of the co-founders of the cryptocurrency exchange platform KuCoin, Johny Lyu, revealed that the exchange […]

Lemon Duck: Monero mining botnet threatens Windows 10 users


Lemon Duck attacks have surged within the past two months, with most targets being Windows users. The malware infects computer systems to mine Monero. Security researchers at Cisco’s private cyber threat intelligence and research team, Talos Intelligence, recently warned about the increased activity of Lemon Duck, another digital currency mining botnet. The information shared by […]

Criminals attempted to steal Bitcoin ATM but failed

mirza babic eYZpTMc hno unsplash

A report on Wednesday by Vernon Morning Star has informed about the unsuccessful attempt of criminals to steal a Bitcoin ATM. Although the unknown criminals weren’t able to head away with the cryptocurrency machine, they badly damaged most of the properties around it. At the time, the police said it is still seeking information that […]

KuCoin hackers move 18 million XRP to a controlled wallet

KuCoin hackers move million XRP to a controlled wallet

KuCoin hackers have moved a huge sum of XRP tokens from the exchange hack to a controlled. As reported by Whale Alert’s Twitter handle, hackers have moved $4.5 million worth of XRP from the KuCoin hack 2020 to a “hack wallet.” As Cryptopolitan previously reported, KuCoin hackers raided the exchange’s hot wallets and stole more […]

BitMart Exchange partners with top cybersecurity solutions provider

BitMart Exchange

Renowned crypto exchange firm, BitMart Exchange, has recently revealed its intentions to enter into a partnership with a cybersecurity firm, Hacken, to make crypto trading safer. In the tweet that was released, BitMart Exchange lamented the number of losses that clients have had to endure while saying this new development will be a groundbreaking innovation.  […]

CSIRO IT contractor sentenced for mining Monero with work computers

ZebPay in India

A CSIRO contractor used work computers to mine Monero and Ethereum. The contractor generated close to $10,000. He has been sentenced to a 15-month intensive correction today. A former CSIRO IT contractor has been sentenced to over one-year intensive correction order after he recently pleaded guilty to cryptocurrency mining charges brought against him last year. […]

Washington jury indicts 5 Chinese hackers for computer intrusions

Washington jury indicts Chinese hackers for computer intrusions

A federal grand jury in Washington D.C has charged five Chinese hackers for computer intrusions that affected more than a hundred victim enterprises in the United States and abroad. The jury returned two separate indictments in August 2019 and August 2020. The indictments charged five Chinese nationals with computer intrusions, affecting numerous companies in the […]

Binance exchange accused of facilitating money laundering

eos investors

Japenese digital currency exchange, Fisco has accused Binance Holdings of allowing money laundering through its exchange platform. Fisco claimed that the Binance exchange was operating with inadequate Anti-money laundering measures, which made it an ideal platform for the bad actors to cash out. The Japanese exchange seeks relief from Binance. Fisco blames Binance exchange for […]

Researchers from Columbia University uncover crypto bugs in 306 Android apps


A recent report has shown that several popular Android applications hosted on the Google Play store have been running with crypto bugs. A team of researchers from Columbia University were able to discover them using a newly-built cryptographic analytic tool. However, only a few developers responded to the researchers’ emails on the development.  306 popular […]

Crypto hacks have caused the loss of more than $13 billion

Crypto hacks have caused the loss of more than billion

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have come a long way from where they started in 2009. The industry has grown to become a market worth more than $350 billion with numerous cryptocurrencies recording daily trade volume of billions. However, as the market continues to grow, so does the list of blights that have continued to plague the […]

Crypto hijackers: US LANL may have found AI solution to fight computer hijacking


Computer scientists at the United States’ Los Alamos National Laboratory have come up with an Artificial Intelligence or AI-based solution that can help to fight crypto hijackers. Over the years now, bad actors have been hijacking public computer systems to mine Monero and other cryptos like Bitcoin. This has been raising red flags fro the […]

Lucifer Monero mining malware now can and infect Linux systems


Authors of Satan Monero mining malware, which is commonly known for affecting vulnerable Windows systems, have extended the botnet capability to now target Linux systems. Once a system is infected, the malware uses the device to mine Monero (XMR), a privacy-focused digital currency, by deploying an XMRig miner. Monero mining malware attacks Linux systems As […]

Cyber intelligence unit at Cisco uncovers Monero mining malware

cyber security

Cybercriminals have been increasingly using sophisticated techniques to deploy malware on public computers on the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies, particularly Monero. Several Monero mining malware has also been uncovered, and it keeps counting. Recently, the Cyber intelligence unit at Cisco discovered a new Monero mining malware attack dubbed Prometei. Prometei steals data and mine Monero […]

Cryptojacking attacks are massively underrated, says BlackBerry VP

Cryptojacking attacks are massively underrated says BlackBerry VP

Blackberry vice president Josh Lemos believes that cryptojacking attacks are emerging as a serious cybersecurity threat. Today, malware is increasingly becoming part of crypto mining applications. Additionally, hackers are coming together to exploit network vulnerabilities in an organized manner collectively. The rise of cryptojacking attacks represents an external as well as an internal threat. In […]

Crypto-related scams in Russia skyrocketed exponentially during the first half of 2020

Crypto related scams

Cybersecurity companies have concluded that crypto-related scams in Russia have seen a rapid rise over the first half of 2020. Moreover, researchers have highlighted about 23,000 active websites involved in cryptocurrency scams in Russia, still actively looking for more victims to defraud. According to a new report by Kommersant, citing a new study conducted by […]

Entity behind the $5M strange transaction fees has finally revealed itself

The entity behind the strange transaction fees recorded on the Ethereum blockchain has revealed itself as the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange platform GoodCycle. The entity paid a very strange transaction fee of 2.5 million dollars not once but twice to move small sums of Ethereum. According to the blockchain analytics firm PeckShield, the crypto exchange […]

Bitfinex hackers moved $4M worth of Bitcoin in 20 small transactions

Bitfinex hackers conducted 20 small transactions to move more than 400 BTC from the 2016 hack. The moves were reported by Twitter bot Whale Alert, a service that reports large-scale transactions across a multitude of blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies. Whale Alert reported twenty transactions each moving 15 to 33 BTC of stolen funds from the […]

Illegal crypto mining attacks surge in Singapore, experts blame COVID-19


Singapore is considered as an IT hub; however, hackers are taking advantage of the country’s tech infrastructure to hijack several computers for illegal crypto mining. According to Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company based in Russia, the attacks had increased in the early months of this year. Singapore records illegal crypto mining attacks From January to March, […]

Ethereum Classic hardfork: ETC blockchain has successfuly completed the Phoenix hardfork

Ethereum Classic Hardfork

The Ethereum Classic hardfork was successfully completed at block number 10,500,839. The halving took place on May 31, 2020, three days earlier than the Labs’ estimated time. The latest Ethereum Classic hardfork marks the completion of the ETC-ETH parity. The hardforks were aimed to introduce interoperability with the main Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The Phoenix hardfork […]

New York hacker gets 20 years jail term over $96M BTC fraud

Chinese over the counter traders New York hacker

A New York hacker Vitalii Antonenko, 28, has been nabbed by authorities at New York’s JFK airport and charged with hacking, trafficking in stolen credit card data, and laundering money with Bitcoin. The New York hacker was arrested on arrival from Ukraine last year, having been linked with two crypto wallets that were used to […]

Hackers launch crypto-mining malware on Ghost and popular websites


Hackers took advantage of now-resolved vulnerabilities in salt software to install crypto-mining malware on the servers of popular websites, one of which includes Ghost. This was revealed by security researchers to ZDNet on May 3. Crypto-mining malware on Ghost server Based on Node.js, Ghost is an open-source blogging website that advertises itself as a more […]

Sextortion crypto scammers generate around $500,000 in 4 months

Sextortion crypto scammers

As law enforcement tries to curb several patterns of crypto crimes in the crypto space, sextortion crypto scammers are the latest to begin distorting order in the crypto world. SophosLabs, alongside Cipher Trace in a study, revealed that sextortion crypto scammers are making gains recently, garnering around $500,000 between September last year and January. Sextortion […]

2 year old complex crypto mining botnet identified

crypto mining botnet

Guardicore Labs, a cybersecurity firm says it has identified a two-year-old complex crypto mining malware. This is a malicious bot that has remained undetected in crypto mining space for over two years. The revelation comes at a time when scammers are lurking everywhere leveraging on the coronavirus pandemic. There are many crypto-based charities that are […]

Crypto risks you face from cryptojackers mining Monero

Crypto risks you face from cryptojackers mining Monero

Crypto risks are increasing every passing day and the crypto community as a whole struggle against the crypto risks but also the criminals. The Slovak internet security firm ESET reported that the Stantinko botnet has come up with new cunning ways cryptojackers mining Monero off of your computer, these number of computers go up to […]

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