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EOS price analysis price levels lower to as bullish momentum takesover abruptly

EOS price analysis: EOS/USD at $5.49 as bullish momentum takes over

TL;DR Breakdown EOS price analysis shows bearish momentum as the resistance drops to $5.493. Support is found at the $4.81 price value. EOS price analysis shows surprising results in today’s charts. From the 1-day and 4-hours EOS price analysis, strong bearish momentum has been found, despite the bulls being at the upper hand previously. The…

Monero price analysis bears strike taking the price levels to

Monero price analysis: Bears push XMR to $271.43

TL;DR Breakdown Monero price analysis shows bearish momentum interrupted bullish trend. Monero price analysis shows a resistance level of $279.43. Support may go lower than $261.21, if bears continue to rule. The latest Monero price analysis is showing us a bearish momentum, with the price levels dropping to a level of $271. The weekly ratio…

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Bullish: Ethereum balance on exchanges drop to 2-year low

TL;DR Breakdown: Ethereum balances on exchanges have declined to a 2-year low of 15.3 million ETH. Both small and large ETH addresses have been accumulating and moving coins off exchanges. Led by altcoins, the cryptocurrency market has returned to a $2 trillion valuation after the mid-April crash.  This recovery is probably spurred by the new…

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Solana becomes 11th largest crypto, prints 133% gain in 30 days

TL;DR Breakdown: The price of Solana reached a new all-time high of over $64 early Monday, representing over 133 percent 30-day increase. SOL is currently the 11th largest crypto with over $17 billion market capitalization. The native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain (SOL) is unarguably one of the undervalued digital currencies that isn’t receiving mainstream…

Polkadot Price analysis

Polkadot Price Analysis: DOT breaks through $24, rapidly moves to $26 next

TL;DR Breakdown Polkadot price analysis indicates strong bullish momentum to follow. DOT/USD started pushing higher overnight. DOT broke past the $24 resistance earlier today. Polkadot price analysis is bullish for today as bulls started to push the market higher overnight, and the $24 resistance was breached earlier today. Therefore, we expect DOT/USD to advance further…