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Russian Minister hints at cryptocurrency adoption “sooner or later”

The popularity of digital assets in the global market has grown significantly, owing to the rapid rise of these assets. While some nations remain undecided regarding the legality and adoption of cryptocurrency, others are already laying the groundwork for it. In January, Bitcoin ambassador Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, offered estimations about Bitcoin…


The Pussyverse: How cryptocurrency Could tackle gender inequality in finance

Cryptocurrency has a huge gender problem. Over 75% of investors are men while 95% of currency founders are men. Despite this, as an up-and-coming financial tool, cryptocurrency has the potential to uproot the male monopoly over leadership positions in the finance sector.  Cryptocurrency is inherently rebellious. It was founded in an attempt to challenge traditional…


Bitpanda’s early investor, SpeedInvest plans a new Seed Fund to counter market turbulence

Bitpanda is an Austria-based fintech company that offers services in cryptocurrencies, commodities, exchange-traded funds  (ETFs), and securities trading. The organization holds incredible significance in the digital asset industry for its contributions. Many of Bitpanda’s early investors are also keen contributors to the fintech world. One such example is the SpeedInvest GmbH. It is a venture…