Forget the Bitcoin halving fear – Here’s where BTC is headed


Bitcoin halving events often stir anxiety and speculation within the crypto community as they mark significant milestones in the protocol’s monetary policy. However, focusing solely on the fear surrounding halvings can obscure the broader trajectory of BTC’s journey. Despite the apprehension accompanying these events, looking beyond the short-term fluctuations and considering the fundamental principles and […]

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024-2033: Will Bitcoin Bulls Rally?

bitcoin price

BTC Price Predictions 2024-2033 How much is Bitcoin (BTC) worth? Today, the price of Bitcoin stands at $62,855, with a trading volume over the past 24 hours reaching $24 billion. Its market capitalization is $1 trillion, and it currently commands 54% of the market share. Over the last 24 hours, the BTC price has experienced […]

Is this your first Bitcoin halving market experience? Here’s what to expect in trade


As the crypto world gears up for the next Bitcoin halving, many traders may be experiencing this significant event for the first time. Leading up to a halving event, there’s often heightened anticipation and speculation in the market as traders and investors assess the potential impact on supply and demand dynamics. As witnessed today, Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin hash rate soars to 562.81 EH/s amid rising mining difficulty


Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has exceeded 80 trillion, setting a new record. According to data from BTC.com, the difficulty level reached an unprecedented 81.73 trillion on February 16, indicating a continuous upward trend that began in January 2023. This increase in difficulty is paralleled by a surge in the network’s hash rate, which has achieved a […]

Discover the must-buy Altcoins of 2024 – Expert insights inside


Crypto enthusiasts and investors are always on the lookout for promising altcoins that could provide substantial returns. In 2024, experts have shared their insights on the best altcoins to consider.  Evaluating multiple factors such as technological advancements, market trends, and potential for growth, these experts offer valuable recommendations for those navigating the dynamic world of […]

Analysts place Bitcoin’s price at $170K after BTC halving


As Bitcoin enthusiasts eagerly await the next halving event, analysts have been fervently crunching numbers and delving into historical trends to formulate predictions on where the crypto giant’s price might be headed. Their findings have given rise to bold projections, with some industry experts placing BTC’s price at an impressive $170,000 post the upcoming halving. […]

Mark your calendars: Bitcoin halving set for April 20th

Mark your calendars: Bitcoin halving set for April 20th

Circle the date, folks! April 20th isn’t just for cannabis aficionados this year; it’s also when the crypto community gears up for its much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event. For the uninitiated, Bitcoin isn’t just digital gold; it’s a saga full of jargon that might as well be from another galaxy. “Stacking sats,” “HODL,” and “BUIDL” are […]

A look at post-halving Bitcoin production costs


Bitcoin’s landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. CoinShares’ latest research throws light on this evolving scenario, revealing that the average production cost per Bitcoin post-halving stands at a substantial $37,856. This figure is more than just a number; it’s a litmus test for the sustainability and profitability of Bitcoin mining, especially in the wake of […]

Could Bitcoin really hit all-time high after halving?

Jim Cramer declares Bitcoin Indestructible in financial markets

As the crypto community gears up for Bitcoin’s much-anticipated halving event in April 2024, the burning question on every investor’s mind is whether this pivotal moment could catapult Bitcoin to new stratospheric heights. The halving, a scheduled reduction in the reward miners receive, is more than just a technical recalibration; it’s a moment that historically […]

VanEck makes 15 bold 2024 crypto predictions – Are you ready for the market?


VanEck, a prominent player in the financial industry, has recently released a set of 15 bold predictions for the year 2024, offering a roadmap that promises to reshape the crypto landscape. As we stand on the precipice of a new era, these forecasts by VanEck beckon investors and enthusiasts alike to prepare for a seismic […]

Bitcoin halving frenzy: Crypto community’s countdown begins

Bitcoin halving frenzy: Crypto community's countdown begins

The cryptocurrency world is abuzz with anticipation as the Bitcoin community gears up for the next halving event, slated for April 2024. This significant occurrence, happening every four years, slashes the number of new Bitcoins entering circulation in half, profoundly impacting the market. As we approach the halving, the reward for Bitcoin mining will diminish […]

Bitcoin braces for 2024 halving, miners face major changes

The Bitcoin community braces for a significant shift as the next “halving” event, anticipated in April 2024, approaches. This event, critical in the cryptocurrency’s timeline, will see the rewards for Bitcoin mining slashed by half. The impact of this change is already stirring discussions and strategic moves among investors and miners. Currently, Bitcoin is nearing […]

Bitcoin halving in 2024 unlikely to bolster crypto market, say JPMorgan experts

JPMorgan Chase & Co. analysts have voiced skepticism over the current upswing in cryptocurrency markets. In a recent report, they question the sustainability of the surge and point to certain underlying factors. In a detailed report, they challenged the optimism around the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF in the U.S., suggesting a reshuffling of […]

Money Printing, Bitcoin ETFs and Legal wins, spike crypto prices

bitcoin price analysis

Bitcoin price has increased 3.40 % in the past 24 hours reaching the 29.5K mark, with Ethereum following closely behind with an increase of  3% with the biggest gainers being Ripple’s XRP and Solana which have seen 6% increases in past 24 hours and surprisingly Bitcoin SV which has seen a surge of 22%. Even […]

Binance’s countdown to 2024 Bitcoin halving: What CZ wants you to know

Binance, a prominent player in the crypto space, has prominently featured a countdown to the Bitcoin halving on its homepage, underscoring the importance of this event. While emphasizing the inherent uncertainty in predicting future outcomes, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, imparts insights from his observations of the three previous Bitcoin halvings. Binance’s CZ […]

Today’s crypto coverage ahead of Q4 2023 markets 


Want to know what took place today in crypto? Here is the most recent information regarding the daily trends and events affecting the Bitcoin price, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and crypto regulation. To start off the crypto day, Mike McGlone of Bloomberg Intelligence believes that a “global economic reset” could cause Bitcoin’s price to drop […]

Will Bitcoin hit $100k before the 2024 halving?


Jesse Myers, a Bitcoin investor and author, believes that according to market analysts, Bitcoin won’t reach six figures until the block subsidy halving in 2024. Myers, the co-founder of Bitcoin investment firm Onramp, stated in an X (formerly Twitter) post on August 15 that the market would only “price in” the halving after the fact. […]

Prominent trader Brandt says Bitcoin halving and ETF are negligible events

Prominent trader Brandt says Bitcoin halving and EFT are negligible events in the crypto market (1)

Peter Brandt, a well-known trader and market analyst, has expressed differing opinions on two Bitcoin events. He argues that the eagerly anticipated U.S. approval of a Bitcoin ETF and the impending halving will not be significant events. This viewpoint goes against the general market mindset, which anticipates these occurrences as major market movers. Brandt dismisses […]

Bitcoin block 800,000 mined – how’s the crypto market responding?


The Bitcoin network has mined block 800,000, leaving only 40,000 blocks to mine before the next halving of the network’s mining reward. According to market researcher Dylan LeClair’s Twitter post on July 24, the 800,000th block contained 3,721 transactions totaling 1.64 megabytes, and Bitcoin was trading at $29,815 per coin. Crypto enthusiasts celebrate the BTC […]

Bitcoin halving 2024: JPMorgan predicts struggles for high-cost miners

Bitcoin halving 2024: JPMorgan predicts struggles for high-cost miners

As Bitcoin prepares to undergo its next halving event in April 2024, a cycle that occurs roughly every four years and slashes the rewards for mining Bitcoin by 50%, concerns surrounding the profitability for miners are becoming increasingly pronounced. Industry analysts argue that the outcome of the halving event will be a litmus test for […]

Bitcoin hash rate hits an all-time high of 465 EH/s over the weekend

Bitcoin hash rate hits an all time high of 465 EHs over the weekend

Bitcoin’s hash rate climbed to an all-time high over the weekend, spiking to 465 EH/s on Saturday from 406 EH/s. Even though the value decreased by 6% to 428 EH/s on Sunday, the hash rate is still at its highest. Meanwhile, there was also a 3-day average rise of more than 18% to 444 EH/s. […]

Bitcoin miners are not looking forward to Bitcoin halving

Bitcoin miners are not looking forward to Bitcoin halving

As the intricate dance of technology and economics unfolds in the realm of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin miners are nervously anticipating an event which, while maintaining the currency’s value, puts them in a precarious position. This is the quadrennial phenomenon of Bitcoin halving, a coded aspect of the cryptocurrency world that is now casting shadows of uncertainty […]

Here is what to expect from 2024 Bitcoin halving

Bitcoin halving

As the next Bitcoin halving nears, industry experts are attentively analyzing the long-term implications for price and hash rate. The Bitcoin halving event, scheduled for mid-April 2024, is anticipated to impact the crypto market substantially. This event is a vital part of the Bitcoin protocol and helps control the Bitcoin supply in circulation. What is […]

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash: Which Performs Better?

bitcoin vs bitcoin cash

Bitcoin has been the market leader by various metrics since its inception in 2009. Today, it still remains the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with over $1 trillion. Additionally, Bitcoin price has exceeded $60,000 recently, creating further interest in digital assets. Today, the Bitcoin network has become simply too popular for any other to just […]

Bitcoin Miners in China hit with dearth of chips

Bitcoin mining

TL;DR Breakdown Chips’ scarcity affects other market players. Bitcoin Miners keen on getting more mining equipment. Mining Gears’ Price has been hiked. Reuters stated that Bitcoin Miners in China are experiencing a scarcity of computer chips needed to construct rigs for the purpose of minting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin miners and other market players […]

Bitcoin mining revenue soars to pre-halving levels


Bitcoin mining revenue surged to another yearly high above $21 million on November 18. The network hashrate has dropped by 20 EH/s after reaching 160 EH/s yesterday. Bitcoin investors and traders are not the only ones enjoying the bullish ride in the cryptocurrency market, the miners are equally included. Recent on-chain data shows that Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin miners revenue reaches 2020 high, as BTC surges

Nearly of Bitcoin addresses with balance are in profit

Bitcoin miners’ revenue surged to $20.8 million on Thursday. The growth relates to the increase in Bitcoin price and transaction fees. No doubt, many cryptocurrency investors have been smiling to their portfolios for weeks now, following the present Bitcoin-led bullish rally in the market. Even the Bitcoin miners are not left out from this state […]

Bitcoin hashrate ATH: Old machines now profitable amid Bitcoin’s price


Many people held predictions that the recently Bitcoin halving event would bring about a drop in the Bitcoin mining hashrate. However, these predictions seem very far from happening, as Bitcoin hashrate has continued to reach new highs. This somewhat points out that the industry is getting even stronger. Bitcoin hashrate reached new high On July […]

Bitcoin buyer enthusiasm boosted as price nearly breaks $7,300

Bitcoin buyer enthusiasm boost

As bitcoin halving draws closer, bitcoin buyer enthusiasm has received a substantial boost with the cryptocurrency’s wild price action back in business. At press time, bitcoin provided 400 gains in less than four hours. BTC began the month of April in new energy after the gloomy days of March where the cryptocurrency almost reached $4,000. […]

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