StreamCoin’s Rising NFT Marketplace Opens Its First Creator Program

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As the enthusiasm around monetizing digital art grows, StreamCoin’s NFT marketplace, STRMNFT, is expanding its horizon by opening an NFT-focused creator program. Launched on October 19, this program signifies STRMNFT’s commitment to supporting raising artists as it was opened in celebration of the upcoming International Artist Day.

Joining the program provides artists with all kinds of assistance to start their artistic journey on STRMNFT. For instance, the marketplace offers specialized technical support to help mint their collections, which does not require the creator to be familiar with blockchain and NFTs.

Minting the collections is only the beginning. The creators will also get a chance to feature their collection on STRMNFT’s social media and homepage, in addition to interviewing them on the marketplace’s official podcast. Joining the program will also increase the creators’ chance of getting a verification badge, giving more credibility to their channels and collections.

Within a few months after its inception, STRMNFT attracted more than 75,000 users to its platform, along with a community of over 200,000 followers across all social media. The marketplace introduced many new features to create an interactive environment suited for both collectors and NFT creators.

In line with its vision for a future where NFTs are globally utilized, StreamCoin has developed a complete ecosystem around STRMNFT to empower its users to better utilize its popular token: STRM. 

With STRMNFT as its main focus, StreamCoin has been adding new features and improving user experience in the marketplace since its launch. Bulk minting without any development tools, verification badges, two-factor authentication, and customizable collections are among the notable features the team was able to implement. 

StreamCoin has also integrated the “Buy STRM” portal into STRMNFT, providing easier access to STRM for all users. This new portal allows anyone to get STRM with many tokens available as payment options directly in their wallets. 

STRMNFT welcomes everyone who is interested in joining the program. Creators can apply before November 30 using this form: https://forms.gle/A7BU5inPKQCfQpVd8.

To give creators more options to inquire about the program, STRMNFT has opened all of its social media channels to answer and clear any possible doubts. Creators can reach out to STRMNFT by sending a direct message with the hashtag #STRMNFTcreator:

Name: Michael Ein Chaybeh

Contact: social@stream-coin.com

Location: UAE

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