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StandardDAO: The New Digital Protocol Revolutionizing the Blockchain Space

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The cryptocurrency world exploded in 2021 and with the explosion comes a plethora of multiple DeFi projects emerging from the industry to meet the demands of businesses and individuals. Despite the massive breakthrough recorded in the digital space, however, the dilemma surrounding digital currencies remains the same. The legitimacy of Bitcoin as an asset, for instance, is constantly being questioned by the likes of Warren Buffet and others.

Although digital finance has been touted as the future of finance, there are still some unanswered questions regarding the feasibility of cryptos being utilized as a store of value or as a fiat for exchange. As it stands, the future of cryptocurrencies remains blurry and uncertain unless those doubts are completely cleared and realistic solutions are installed. Unfortunately, the emerging projects in the blockchain industry do not offer any concrete solution to those issues.

Digital Currency Adoption: Problems Enumerated

The biggest argument raised by Warren Buffet among others, about cryptocurrency was that it was not backed by anything real other than itself, comparing it to fiat currencies. In his words, he said, “cryptocurrencies have no value and they don’t produce anything.” This has been his concern to date and it is certain that many others share similar sentiments. His point has accordingly put some reservations in the minds of willing investors and gravely hindered the adoption of digital currencies elaborately.

StandardDAO: The New Digital Protocol Revolutionizing the Blockchain Space 1

Warren Buffet may be right after all! Cryptocurrencies lack intrinsic value. The crypto space and even those in the financial sector believe that BTC and ETH for example are commodities rather than currencies, hence why they disagree that crypto should be equated with fiat currencies.

In the midst of these facts and fictions, we must restate that what Bitcoin and Ether truly represent is different from how many people perceive them to be. To many, they are cryptocurrencies, minted and validated on their different blockchains, whereas to some, they are merely a store of value which classifies them as digital assets.

From the definition of OlympusDAO, a digital asset is one that holds the same purchasing power at the present as they were 50 years ago or more- something that holds a strong foundation on which the economy can run. But without providing a standardized unit that can back cryptos as a store of value, adopting it will only become harder.

StandardDAO Have the Answers to All those Questions

The solution, therefore, is to have a collateralized basket of reserves to ensure that a coin or digital asset is pegged to the US dollar. This is similar to stablecoin models, with the exception that this time around, the coin will be backed by real-world commodities. Stablecoins are backed by the U.S. dollar, which has lost almost 90% of its purchasing power since 1950. Therefore, stablecoins will not hold its value in the future as it is still backed by the devalued dollar.

StandardDAO: The New Digital Protocol Revolutionizing the Blockchain Space 2

The objective, in this case, is to innovate a method to aid the expansion as well as sustenance of DeFi, and this is why StandardDAO was created. Unlike others, StandardDAO is the first decentralized treasury of Standard Assets, such as Gold, Bitcoin, Ether, and so on, represented by the protocol’s native token $SDA. This token is the first digital currency to be backed by Standard Assets that will offer asset-backed yields to its holders.

StandardDAO aims to bring real value to digital currencies by holding blockchain and real-world assets. It builds a diversified treasury backed by Standard Assets to provide stability to investors over bear and bull cycles and incubate these assets across all verticals.

StandardDAO is building a treasury that will survive through economic depression and facilitate the utility of cryptos. Holders of $SDA tokens are assured that the token’s value will not fall below the amount insured. This protocol will be run by a group of individuals whose aim is to provide transparency, validate Standard Assets, and offer stability. All these give the SDA tokens an edge over stable coins.

What Makes StandardDAO Unique?

Investors can partake in this innovative ecosystem by staking or swapping. By staking, market participants stake their SDA tokens for more SDA tokens. StandardDAO mints new SDA tokens and distributes them to the stakers. Stakers make profit from auto-compounding balances, but the amount made will depend on supply and price exposure.

StandardDAO: The New Digital Protocol Revolutionizing the Blockchain Space 3

In swapping, investors exchange their assets for SDA tokens for additional returns. Swappers can commit their capital upfront based on a fixed return after an agreed period. Swapping is one of the ways the treasury’s PCV grows and this feature is not very decentralized on different blockchain projects as they claim to be. 

For more information on the launch and rollout of StandardDAO which is going live in Q1 2022, follow our media page pertinently for updates.

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