Should Students Start Learning Crypto in School?


The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was developed between 2008 and 2009. Then, it was introduced to the world in 2010, whereas the first schemes for digital money were invented back in 1998. 

Ever since then, it has been a hot topic that created lots of controversies but never left anyone indifferent. And, today, it grew so big that we keep on hearing about crypto here and there all the time. 

Now, given the vast popularity of crypto in the world, we might want to start teaching it in schools and universities. Why? Let’s try to find the answer!

Making Students More Future-Ready

The first and biggest reason why we should start teaching crypto in schools is to raise a more technology-savvy and future-ready generation. At this time, the total cryptocurrency market has crossed the point of $2 trillion. This fact stresses what a big thing it is now. 

And, since experts claim that this market is only going to grow further in the following years, it becomes clear that crypto will be there to stay in the future. Thus, spreading awareness about it will allow students to keep up with trends and gain the knowledge and skills that will matter in the long run.

The traditional schooling program consists of plenty of subjects and assignments that are important for developing the needed skills but aren’t as important in terms of preparing students for the future. A great example is essay writing. 

There is no secret that students are writing tons of essays and other papers every year. There is also no secret that academic writing is extremely challenging and time-consuming. And, though it helps develop a number of valuable skills, it doesn’t really prepare you for the future. 

Given all that, from a student’s perspective, turning to a professional coursework writing service like EssayPro to delegate their assignments and devote the free time to learn more about current digital trends can make pretty good sense. This way, you will save time for learning something that can contribute to your career. 

Also, you will stay aware of trends, which is so important in our fast-paced world. And, at the same time, if you have a reliable helper at hand, you won’t let your grades drop.

Dispelling Myths About Crypto

Another reason to integrate this subject into the academic program is to help students recognize the myths that are there.

To be more specific, the conviction that trading is an easy way to make money is one of the major myths related to the crypto market. Undoubtedly, despite this myth, trading is not that simple. Moreover, it is associated with lots of risks. Yet, this misconception is so widespread that it makes millions of people fall into its trap.

Apart from this misconception, there are also plenty of others, no less critical myths, due to which people make huge mistakes in trading. Since there are so many myths, it stresses the importance of spreading awareness about them.

Luckily, by teaching young people about this subject, we can help dispel all the myths about crypto. This way, we can protect young people from the risks that are there.

Should Students Start Learning Crypto in School? 1

Boosting Overall Financial Literacy

In the modern world, being financially literate is crucial in so many ways. Most importantly, it can help people boost their quality of life and avoid making critical financial mistakes.

Unfortunately, the statistics show that people are actually becoming less financially literate every year. The only way we can stop this tendency is to start teaching students about financial literacy early on while they are still at school.

Now, what does crypto have to do with general financial literacy, you may wonder? In fact, it is connected pretty closely. When young people discover the core ideas behind crypto technology, they develop a healthy attitude toward money. This eventually can help them ensure financial security.

Moreover, by discovering trading, students will also learn about the basics of the economy and investments, which will also contribute to their financial literacy. So, believe it or not, making lessons about crypto a part of the traditional curriculum can help us raise a new generation of financially literate and more successful people.

Equipping Students With Knowledge for Risk-Free Investments

Finally, one more reason to start teaching about crypto in schools is to protect students from risks. With so much fuss going on around this topic and so many success stories of people who made a fortune by investing in digital currencies, there is no surprise why so many people across the world are trying their luck in trading. But do we really need to say how many of them fail?

Beginner traders typically fail and lose their money due to a few simple reasons. First of all, they don’t realize the risks. Secondly, they don’t have a strategy. In fact, these are the same mistakes beginners often make in other forms of investment, too, including those associated with the property, bank products, bonds, etc. 

Of course, typical mistakes in investing your money can lead to a huge loss of time and funds. But we can protect young people from taking wrong steps.

By spreading knowledge about the crypto market, trading best practices, and the core investment strategies in general, we can prepare students for wise, risk-free investments.

Will they ever need this in their lives? The answer is most definitely yes. You don’t have to be a professional investor to feel the value and benefits of knowing the basic principles. 

In fact, every person invests in at least some goods in their lives. We invest in education, property, cars, and much more. Now, imagine we could teach youngsters to get the most of every investment they make in their lives. It could make a huge change in the quality of life and financial security.

What is more, by discovering this subject, we can also teach young generations to think critically and research well before doing something risky. These skills can come in handy in multiple spheres of their lives. So, this is one more benefit of integrating the crypto subject into the school program.

The Bottom Line

Ever since the introduction of the first cryptocurrencies, this technology has become a massive ongoing digital trend. Of course, there always has been and still is lots of confusion in this regard. People express ambiguous opinions concerning this technology. Nevertheless, whether we like it or not, crypto is already a big part of the modern world. So, teaching it in schools might not be such a bad idea.

Based on everything that was discussed earlier, we can conclude that making students aware of this technology can bring many benefits. Such knowledge allows them to be more future-ready. Besides, by sharing this knowledge, we can help students learn about investments in general and become more financially literate. 

Finally, by integrating this subject into the school program, we can teach young people to discover safe ways for investments and avoid risks.

So, one way or another, teaching crypto in schools is wise. Thus, we might expect new curriculums including this subject area in the near future.

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