ShareRing releases the “Simple NFT Events,” a free tool for organizing events

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  • ShareRing Releases the “Simple NFT Events”, a Free Tool for Organizing Events.
  • The mobile-based application hosts several other features.

ShareRing has announced the launch of the free-to-use “Simple NFT Events” on their ShareRing mobile application.

According to a tweet, ShareRing said users now can freely download the Application on their iOS and Android devices and explore it. The events management solution integrates features already accessible on the ShareRing mobile application, including Access Event, NFT Space, Admin Dashboard, and Consumer App. 

Notably, the product taps on the benefits of NFTs, a useful blockchain-based solution. Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFT protocols allow users to create unique items with blockchain provenance. The ShareRing Application is the anchor of the Simple NFT Events and was launched in Q1 2022 following the hard fork of the ShareLedger blockchain. 

ShareRing vs the new feature

Besides complementing the firm’s primary solutions, the ShareRing ID and ShareRing Vault, the mobile-based application hosts several other ShareRing features, as mentioned above. The number of these products has now been increased to include Simple NFT Events.

According to the firm, the feature will allow users to create and manage customized events. Most importantly, the easy-to-use product will be freely accessible to all users worldwide. 

ShareRing releases the "Simple NFT Events," a free tool for organizing events 1

However, what’s attractive about the solution is its level of privacy, flexibility, and security. Since the application is deployed on-chain, by default, uploaded data remains private and secure. At the same time, there is a high level of transparency, a benefit for both the host and guests.

Using Simple NFT Events is also straightforward. After downloading and installing the Application on iOS or Android, users can choose any of the three roles presented. They can choose to be a host, that is, the event organizer and manager tasked with assigning roles. As hosts, they can assign roles to the doorman, who scans in attending guests and manages attendees, or a guest, that is, visitors.

After setting up, the host can mint an NFT collection and send them individually to guests as tickets. There is also a convenient option of bulk sending them to guests. These NFT tickets will be used as passes for attending the event. Attending guests are free to keep all these NFTs as memorabilia. 

The primary advantage of the product in events management is that the host can, on the fly, know the number of guests in attendance. Moreover, there are guaranteed high levels of security and privacy for the guest, the doorman, and the host.

Lacton Muriuki

Lacton Muriuki

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