Self-Exclusion Schemes and Crypto Casinos: The Intersection

340,000+ people fighting gambling addiction in the UK itself. The most workable method to get out of the persisting activity is by way of a ban. GamStop provides this service without any charge with a view to benefiting the society and gambling community. 

Urges to relapse are frequent, making it hard for many gamers to stick to their conviction of ridding the problem. Crypto casinos play a crucial role here. Since it’s impossible to trace this transaction back to the player, the problem gamers indulge themselves and are not able to get over their addiction.

What is GamStop? 

GamStop is a Britain based company that offers self-exclusion schemes to vulnerable gamblers. It is a free service. UKGC rules make it compulsory for all gambling sites to register under GamStop as a clause to obtain a license. This lets the entire UK online gambling market come under the aegis of GamStop for the first time. 

But still, UK players can play on multiple casino sites not under GamStop that operate outside the UK. People burdened with addiction can access it from any casino or website. The ban is available in periods of 2 or 3 months to 2 to 5 years, and they are unconditionally binding. The operators have a crucial role to play here by way of:

• Promotion of the scheme 

• Monetary contributions

• Quick registration and easy access for all players

Gambling in Cryptocurrency

The popularity of cryptocurrency before 2018 came mostly from the anonymity it offered. Financial transactions could be made without the notice of organizations, and gambling access could be gained into restricted jurisdictions. Its reach is almost unlimited and can get into contested spaces of laws, rules, and even health. 

So, it was initially popularised as criminal in nature, but the ill repute was soon cast off. As compared to a 2-3 business day period of different modes of encashment, higher speeds of operation lead to quick exchange of rewards with greater safety and little complication.

GamStop Cannot Be Accessed Without ID

GamStop monitors customers to provide services to them by way of valid identity proof. Players are regulated and the bans are granted to individual customers. Anonymous players cannot seek this service. As they are not mandatory in crypto gambling sites, compulsive players can spiral into their addiction. Operators do not have liaisons with GamStop, rendering players vulnerable to risk.

Even if identity proof is compulsory on some crypto sites, a transaction in the same way makes them immune to investigation. Customers can conceal their cyber footsteps or severe linkages with UK-based sites and go on gambling. This is further complicated by the sometimes illegal status of the offshore operator.

It is impossible to trace their actual location if gamblers using VPN login to casinos from any place on the globe. By choosing locales out of the jurisdiction of GamStop, a player is technically free to participate in any and every type of iGaming of their choice.

Why GamStop is Avoided by Gamers

Two kinds of gamers seek ban services. 

  • Low-Risk Players: Those who are at low risk do not really have a gambling problem but rather are vulnerable to fall prey to it. They can resist it by their own effort if they are convinced enough or seek help. They are not the ones liable to go around the restriction. 
  • High-Risk Players: The other is the high-risk players- those who have a problem but may or may not be aware of it. They find self-exclusion too exhausting and keep going on the path of problem gambling. This behaviour is enabled by crypto gambling as they get their kicks even in the ban period. The risk they face is discussed below.

Return to the Habit 

Due to the air of secrecy of cryptocurrency, its seduction is ardent. The feedback system of the brain highlights the rewards of risk-seeking behaviour and encourages the gamer to turn back from self-exclusion. It feeds the thrill of “getting away with crime”. It is pleasurable enough to revive the gambling habit but by the time the thrill is gone the addiction comes back with renewed vigour.

Debt Acquisition Scenario

Cryptocurrency websites do not ask about the real funding source of customers. Neither is their imposition of upper limits to betting. So, to continue playing players must rely on transactions over and over again. This creates a vicious cycle of re-purchasing cryptocurrency until the expiration limit of credit/ debit cards is reached. Gamers are at the risk of meeting individuals with criminal records while at it to sustain the funding. It creates a real monetary trap.


Crypto gambling has been popularised due to the privacy and anonymity it offers. It is an advantage that is not associated with other transaction modes. Crypto gambling is not recommended for those who want to get over addiction. The gambling problem is real and difficult to come to terms with. 

By seeking help from exclusion sites and operators, the compulsion can be overcome and the games are truly enjoyed. It is the duty of all gamers to open up about their addiction and help their companions who may or may not be conscious of their habit.

Disclaimer. This is a press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. Cryptopolitan.com is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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