Ripple XRP price stabilizing at $0.27 after correction

Ripple XRP price is going through a correction phase after five days of the bullish and bearish trend battle that started on the 17th of September at $0.266 mark and last until the 22nd of December.

Ripple has been making huge efforts ahead of other altcoins to ensure that the Ripple XRP price takes a sustainable point above the $0.30 mark; however, it has failed miserably since the 5th of August 2019 while Ripple foundation continues to make new partnerships every other day.

Ripple XRP price chart-1 22 SeptemberRipple XRP price chart by Trading View

Ripple XRP price started climbing on the 17th of September when it hit the $0.275 mark from the $0.26 range on the previous day and before the day ended Ripple XRP was trading at $0.29.

On the 18th of September XRP price finally managed to break the $0.30 mark and hit $0.322 but not for long since it was back to $0.29 range by the 20th of September.

Ripple XRP price movement

Amidst controversies, XRP price failed to sustain the high mark and is currently believed to be going through a correction phase before falling down to the $0.25 to $0.26 price range.

Ripple Price chart 2Ripple XRP price chart by Trading View

While writing Ripple XRP jumped up a little from $0.275 range to the $0.278 range, however, the trend remains to be bearish.

The upper support level currently stands at $0.29 while the lower support is at at the $0.27817 mark and below that at $0.264 mark.

If the price breaks through the lower support mark, it can hit the $0.25 range once again, however, if the bullish trend manages to break the $0.29 point Ripple XRP price can sustain above $0.30 mark.