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Real estate for Bitcoin: Canadian house on sale for 27.1 BTC

A couple in Calgary Canada is looking to sell their house for 27.1 Bitcoins, a sum that is worth nearly 240,000 USD at the current price.

Real estate for Bitcoin: Couple to sell the house for Bitcoin only

Martin Kanka and Jennifer Blachette are more bullish about Bitcoin than they are about real estate. Blachette expressed her disdain towards banks by saying that she has been “defrauded” via banks. While Kanka added that they are optimistic about Bitcoin as they believe that the coin’s price is bound to increase by many folds in the next ten years.

The agency representing the sellers Great Property Group resonated with this bullish feeling towards crypto assets. Kris Dennis, a member of the company, said that this was a “one of a kind” property offering. By selling real estate for Bitcoin, the offering is open to an international audience.

He added that trades in crypto assets are smoother than banks as they consume less time and resources. He then said that the property has already seen several potential buyers that want to pay through Bitcoin.

Real estate for Bitcoin: Previous encounters

This is not the first time that a person if offering real estate for Bitcoin. Previously, a church in Darlington was offered for sale for virtual assets. The church had a marked price of 1.2 million pounds ($1.53 M). Although the church could be bought for fiat currency, the option of paying through Bitcoin was also given. Another example was a house that was sold for over 450 Bitcoin worth over 2.4 million USD at the coin’s price during the time.

No one wants to become the Bitcoin Pizza Guy

It raises the question of whether the person that bought the house would become similar to the “Bitcoin pizza guy.” The person was a user of BitcoinTalk and bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins! If Bitcoin’s price continued to rise, the person might come to regret his decision. However, he is sure to be glad if Bitcoin’s price dropped instead.

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