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The latest information on Tron coin price, value, and market cap is here. Find out what’s Tron current price and what to expect from Tron TRX price.

Tron has a market value of $ 0.014482 and a total market cap of $ 952,201,544 and currently ranked at #18 of all cryptocurrencies.

The price for today is -3.80%, with 24 Hour volume sales of $ 0.014482.

$ 0.014482

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About Tron

The Justin Sun led-project, Tron, is an open-source and decentralized program that was established to enable an open digital content entertainment platform on blockchain technology. Tron developers intend to make the platform more useful to its users, especially those who are already bored with platforms that contain a lot of ads. 

Tron customers make use of its cryptocurrency, Tronix (TRX) to pay for any content which they wish to access. On the other hand, the producers whose content was accessed will receive the cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged to other digital currency like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). They might as well use Tronix to pay for blockchain-powered services. 

The price-performance of Tronix somewhat depends on the supply and demand forces. Perhaps, the strength is usually influenced by different factors, which include geopolitical events, and the psychology of market participants. Tron is expected to increase in value naturally, when many people show interest in buying, with hopes that the price will surge in the future.

Tron Price Prediction

Predictions for 2020 

To better compare the price predictions for Tronix (TRX), it is worth keeping the current price of the cryptocurrency in perspective. At the time of writing, TRX is the 16th most significant digital currency in the world, and it is trading at the price of $0.012352 USD, according to the leading cryptocurrency data provider, CoinMarketCap. 

TradingBeasts predicted that the price of Tronix would be at $0.0161418 by the start of May this year. They also forecasted that the minimum amount from May to December 2020 would be $0.0125075, while the highest peak for the year will be $0.0214744, which will occur in the last month of the year. 

Changelly, a digital currency trading platform, relayed a bullish forecast from the Wall Street experts on its Tron report. According to Changelly, these experts forecasted that the price of Tronix by the end of 2020 would be $40 as a minimum cost per coin. If the prediction becomes a reality, then any Tronix user who invested in the cryptocurrency will be paid off awesomely.

CoinSwitch predicted that the cryptocurrency could reach more than the 0.10 dollar mark in 2020; however, there will still be more fluctuation for TRX this year. The forecast is that Tronix will hit its maximum price in July, and will decline from there to as low as $0.3 before a further decline in December to $0.11.

Predictions for 2025

With the aid of a price chart, DigitalCoinPrince predicts that the price of Tronix will reach up to $0.05 price mark. Precisely from the first month of 2015, the price was forecasted to reach $0.05200791. DigitalCoinPrince says the highest for 2025 will be $0.06223434 in June, but will slightly decline to $0.06208886 in December.

WalletInvestor does not think that TRX cryptocurrency will progress in the next five years. From their prediction, it seems TRX is quite risky, and they said it would fluctuate from the $0.001 price mark to $0.004 by 2025. However, they added that the highest peak for TRX in the year would be $0.1016. 

Based on the significant number of supporters and developers on the Tron ecosystem, CoinSwitch also predicted that TRX might be seeing a good time in the future. With all the upgrades announcements, CoinSwitch says the cryptocurrency will hit $0.763 by 2025, as it becomes the favourite digital currency for the customers in the long run. 

Predictions for 2030

While it might be unclear to relay the price actions of a cryptocurrency in the long term, TRX and other digital currencies are likely to progress in the next decade. According to the American Futurist, Thomas Frey, cryptocurrencies are going to replace national currencies by 25% in the next ten years.

Another Futurist from the Institute for Global Futures, Dr. James Canton, made a similar statement, adding that people should expect crypto finance to be the new investment vehicle that will bring in an exponential increase. If these predictions play out as expected, Tronix cryptocurrency is likely to surge accordingly, since it possesses a good share of the crypto market. 

What’s Tron Price if…

Notably, Tronix and some, if not all, the alternative currencies (Altcoins) are somewhat correlated with the value of major digital currencies, especially Bitcoin. Hence, TRX’s price is likely to increase if the value of Bitcoin surges as expected, after its upcoming Halving. 

Meanwhile, the in-house activities of a platform contribute to the performance of their native cryptocurrency. Thus, the price of Tronix will probably increase if the developers continue to make new updates on the network that will guarantee a better experience for the users. It will attract more customers, which will eventually grow the utility of TRX.

Tron Price History


Currently, the Tron network is being managed by a non-profit organization known as Tron Foundation, which is headed by the Chinese technology entrepreneur, Justin Sun. The organization is based in Singapore, and they are responsible for handling all the network’s activities in the principles of fairness and transparency. 

Being a truly decentralized system, Tron tends to also provide a system that many developers can leverage to build decentralized applications (Dapps) and smart contracts. In addition, the network makes use of its native digital currency dubbed Tronix (TRX). Initially, the digital currency was developed and operated on the Ethereum blockchain before the actual launch of Tron’s independent network.

The Tron-owned digital currency, which is known as Tronix (TRX), was formerly used as a token on Tron’s entertainment system. TRX came into the digital currency market through a $70 million initial coin offering (ICO), which was conducted by the foundation in August 2017. Within a few months, the cryptocurrency grew to rank as the 10th largest digital currency in the world at that time.

First trade

When TRX was offered through ICO, it was sold at the price of $0.0019 per coin, and $70 million USD was secured after the offering. The cryptocurrency was initially tracked on coinmarketcap, one of the leading crypto data providers, at the price of $0.002 from the 13th day of September 2017. As of June 2018, about 65.75 billion TRX were circulating, out of the total supply of 100 billion TRX.

The majority of the Tron trading activity was dominated by Tronix pairs against Bitcoin and the South Korean Won. Bithumb and a few cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, the leading crypto exchange, and OKEx exchange, recorded a significant volume of Tron trades. Meanwhile, Tron activities are mostly centred in Asia.

Currently, the TRX cryptocurrency is valued at $0.012352 USD, with a total market value of $823,625,503 USD, making it the 16th largest cryptocurrency in the world. Following the data provided by coinmarketcap, TRX has a 24h volume worth $1,062,617,209 USD. Also, only 66,682,072,191 TRX is currently circulating, out of the total supply of 99,281,283,754 TRX. 

Price history roadmap

Early price: 2017

On the 13th day of September, TRX began trading at $0.002051; however, it ended the day in a brief loss to worth $0.001988. Throughout the month, Tronix continued to fluctuate between the two price marks, although it hit $0.003 on the 18th and 19th of September, precisely $0.003324 and 0.003273 respectively. The highest peak for the month occurred on the 25th day of September, with a value of $0.005656, but it did not last long.

TRX continued trading for the year between the $0.002 and $0.001 price mark until the 7th day of December 2017. At the said date, TRX opened at the price of $0.003134 and accumulated more points to close at $0.004275. From this point, the price continued to rise gradually to close at $0.016460 on the 13th day of December. TRX maintained the pace and later ended the year at the cost of $0.044752.

Late 2017 spike and 2018

The best time for the cryptocurrency in 2017 came in the last month. The price went up to reach $0.01 mark and above. Meanwhile, the most significant spike for the year was recorded on the 21st day of December, at the price of $0.070908.

On the first day of 2018, TRX opened with the price of $0.044682, making relatively small gains to close at $0.051695. It maintained this pace and did not go back to $0.001 or $0.009 price mark. On the 1st day of December 2018, TRX opened at $0.014453 and continued on the $0.01 trend till the last of the day of 2018, where it closed at the price of 0.018826. 

Late 2018 spike and 2019

In no doubt, it is worth saying that TRX performance in 2018 was more profitable than the previous year. Notably, in January, the price of TRX crossed the $0.1 price mark. Its all-time high (ATH) occurred on the 5th day of January, where it reached $0.300363. 

On the first and second day of January 2019, TRX traded at the $0.01 price mark, from where it set off to $0.02. It opened on the third day at $0.020162. TRX continued trading at that mark mostly until the 27th day of May where it opened at $0.031444. Again, the new mark lasted until the 12th day of July, when it fell back to $0.02 and saw more decline to close the year at $0.013306.

Late 2019 spike to current

Throughout 2019, TRX did not see much volatility as it continued to maintain a price mark for too long. Meanwhile, its most significant peak for the year came on the 2nd day of June, at the price of $0.040975. Comparing with the current price data for TRX, the cryptocurrency is still on the low from its ATH.