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IOTA has a market value of $ 0.192869 and a total market cap of $ 535,763,594 and currently ranked at #24 of all cryptocurrencies.

The price for today is -2.51%, with 24 Hour volume sales of $ 0.192869.

$ 0.192869

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About IOTA

First thing that is different from IOTA to other cryptos–and perhaps, also the most crucial part– is its implementation of an innovative type of ledger technology. It was developed for facilitating communication with the Internet of Things or simply known as IoT. 

The distributed ledger is an open-source project which allows machines to share data. The founders call this the “Tangle” which allows these machines to automatically conduct micropayments transactions while keeping it secure in transferring data. 

It is considered as one of a kind since it doesn’t use blockchain technology or even a proof-of-work structure. From the budding stage of IOTA in 2017, it has demonstrated an excellent uptrend which shook the whole crypto market at that time. 

The past could define the present but the future remains unknown, particularly in an extremely volatile and loud financial setting. But how will IOTA handle this concealed trial?

 Let’s take a look.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Speculation

Predictions for 2020 

In comparison with Bitcoin’s high commission transfer share, IOTA simply doesn’t have the means to pay miners for every transaction made due to its system’s nature. So the system itself offers no commissions at all and it’s the main reason why IOTA is an ideal option for microtransactions.

IoT development is still running so most crypto experts said that IOTA’s technical solutions will only grow in over the next two years. And this causes them to see a profitable long-term investment if its IoT technology will continuously grow in demand.

For WalletInvestor’s standpoint, it wasn’t unfortunately the case. With a price drop from $0.279 to $0.0472, the site projected that it will be a loss of 83.0967%. However, the price could catch up and increase at $0.446 in 2020.

Predictions for 2025 

Despite the previous price forecast of WalletInvestor for 2020, it will be otherwise for 2025. After the next five years, the rate could go up to $2.232 mark which is a five-fold increase in value from its 2020 price forecast. 

A survey in early-2019 was conducted where investors were asked on what could be the price by 2025. 681 people participated and the majority answered that it will be in a price range of above $1 at 22.5%. Some respondents voted for $1,000 which may seem unrealistic at first, but if IOTA does achieve mass adoption, it could reach $50 per coin and have around $135 billion market cap.

IOTA Price 4Using DigitalCoinPrice’s sources and data, it predicted that one coin will cost $1.34 by 2025. On the other hand, Smartereum provides an exciting price prediction at having IOTA’s value rising at $38.

Predictions for 2030

The IOTA project team envisions that by 2025, there will be 75 billion functioning devices by 2025. They claimed that this could range from “tiny sensors on roads and bridges to wearable electronics” and even mobile phones as well. 

It’s a big goal about absolute interconnectivity. And if IOTA can successfully consume and manage data in real-time with zero-fee transactions in a distributed network by 2030, it will massively propel IOTA’s price range in an upward trend.

However, a price outlook in 2030 is pretty tough since Tangle is still in its infancy stage of development. Unless this technology can be finely tuned, the challenge ahead would be IOTA’s vision for mass adoption will come to a halt. If it did, it will be likely that the price range will be a downtrend. 

Other than this fundamental level, the estimated price for 2030 is uncertain. It can grow exponentially or may fall out of the crypto market in a drop of a hat.

What’s IOTA Price if….

Due to the natural volatility of the market, competition towards the other cryptos with similar technology and targeted audience can affect IOTA price value. How well the news background and partnerships with other investors play out are also factors that should be kept in mind. 

With that aside, IOTA estimated price for 10 years or so is uncertain. Since how these factors mingle to each other rest on the development of Tangle which is expected to blossom within five years from now.

However, it wouldn’t also be a surprise if IOTA’s market cap could reach trillions or may even be tens of trillions of dollars. Which by then, the world of the future will be heavily driven by IoT technology.

As for a wrap-up, IOTA is a very good crypto investment for the short-term. In a long-term perspective, it’s unclear while the potential uptrend is hard to ignore if the Tangle turns out well.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price History


While blockchain is the usual approach of crypto ecosystem which can be described as a sequential chain of blocks, IOTA’s system called Tangle has a branch-like mechanism which constantly evolves in every direction. 

IOTA Price 5The IOTA foundation began this technology back in 2016 and acquired an investment fund to establish IOTA to its prospective investors and other business relations. However, the coin was designed back in 2015.

It was only by 14th June 2017 that IOTA entered the crypto market at the price mark of $0.64.

First traded

From mid-June’s opening price rate of $0.64, it sharply dropped its value by half at $0.35 after six days. By using the IOTA historical price chart in USD, the value only made a big upturn starting on $0.41 by 6th August and reached the price peak at $1.04 after 11 days.

As it was shown, the movement gradually starts to fall before the month ends at $0.96. For the next three months, it didn’t get past the $1 level. That was until IOTA hit mid-December..

The coin skyrocketed by more than 300% which at that time IOTA was completely unheard of. In November, it was trading at $1.53 but by the end of 2017, it reached a $5.69 historic high.

The likely trigger of the staggering uptrend was the announcement of IOTA’s upcoming partnerships with global tech giants such as Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco and Fujitsu. It was then when IOTA’s market cap grew from $2.95 billion to over $13 billion–an impressive fourfold increase and a 44% price increase in just a day.

Later on, it turned out that Microsoft wasn’t really an IOTA partner, but instead a participant who was involved with a few technological experiments of Tangle. From $5.23, it dropped to its previous level of $4 due to this wide misinterpretation. 2017 ended for IOTA as being 6th with the highest market cap.

It’s all-time-high levels peaked in December 2017. It was only by April when it started to drop to its key support levels. But the worst is yet to come. 

On 1st June, the coin was trading at $1.9178 before it dropped to 43% by the end of the month with $1.0450 value. On 29th June, the price was set at $0.89173 making it as the lowest since 2017. 

It wasn’t doing great for IOTA. The coin was down by 70% and by that time, considered as one of the worst performing coins in 2018. 

After a downward spiral in mid-2018, price movement started to stabilize and a bullish trend was peeking through. And yet again, it didn’t happen. 

By early-October, IOTA sank from $0.56143 to $0.468949–a 17.7% decrease in value adding it up to an 87.7% drop within the year. With many altcoins in the market, IOTA was seen as the second worst performing altcoin trailed before by Cardano with a 5% difference margin.

In 2018, IOTA was at 13th place for highest circulating supply with a market cap of $1.2 billion.

Since then, the coin’s price seemed to struggle to keep up. On 16th March 2019, a price high of $0.317 was seen when a gradual downtrend gave a descending resistance line. 

IOTA Price 6An upward movement was expected since the resistance line could act as a ceiling for the price to rise. The gradual lows started at $0.3 leaving a trace of descending support line. 

IOTA Price 7Contrary to the optimistic price prediction, it didn’t happen. Bearish divergence preceded, it turned out. By December 2019, IOTA was 12th as the most valuable crypto with $9.93 billion market cap.

Meanwhile, January 2020 showed signs of upward movement. It started to diverge at $0.17898 on 9th January. By the 17th, it shot up to 42.26% with $0.2546 in just eight days. The peak was on 29th January at $0.3070 value then proceeded to have a slight bearish resistance. As a whole, IOTA gained 62.86% in January.

In a medium-term, IOTA seemed to be bullish. That was until IOTA’s core wallet “Trinity” was hacked and lost $2 million from its users funds with a number of 8.5 million MIOTA coins in February.

The IOTA network was then forcefully suspended for a couple of days for the case to be investigated. On 11th March, the network was reinstated online again with a value processed rate of 80 to 90 per second in more than 100,000 transactions. Without much surprise, IOTA value is bearish due to the recent cyber theft. 

Price history roadmap

What sets apart the IOTA project is its distributed ledger of the Tangle. But with the recent theft incident, the blockless system was hijacked from its own shortcomings and raised doubts if it’s going to be a sustainable investment.

IOTA Price 82017 passed with a 4th highest market cap of $11 billion ranking as the 7th largest in circulating supply as its year high. However, 2018 didn’t look any better than 2017 which experienced a downward spiral by the mid-year. 

With 2019, the coin started to recover. While investors waited for it to rise, it remained in a steady price movement in around $0.3 level. 

At this time of writing (19th April 2020), IOTA price is at $0.158809 with a 24-hour range between $0.1555 and $0.1594 and circulating supply of 2.8 billion.