Price Prediction: Sui (SUI) Falls 50%. Traders Await Uwerx (WERX) Launch as Presale Continues

As the initial fanfare of the latest Layer-1 crypto, the Sui (SUI) fizzles, and so has its price. This has many crypto traders worried about the long-term outlook of their investments. Believing that Sui (SUI) has run its initial price gains, they are already on the lookout for another token to buy.

Thousands of investors believe they have found the next crypto project to back: the freelancing Uwerx platform.

Why is Uwerx (WERX) Gaining Popularity Among Traders?

Did you know that the global workforce is preferring to put in more hours in freelancing than ever? The average weekly hours today stand at 1 billion, which is a significant number.

Online gig workers are heavily reliant on freelancing marketplaces. With such huge numbers, major marketplaces are exploiting their users. High fees, no intellectual rights, and restrictive environments stifle their users.

Uwerx, on the other hand, will bring about a revolution with its freelancer-friendly approach. Extremely low fees (1%), intellectual property rights, collaborative tools, and transparent pricing will help freelancers and their clients gain savings as well as work efficiency.

Its WERX token will also allow for instant payments, offer governance options, and even access to premium features. To ensure smooth operations, the development team has already engaged two code audits by InterFi Network and SolidProof, passing with flying colors.

Other achievements include Uwerx Vault (depositing tokens for safekeeping and passive earning) and an upcoming alpha release.

Uwerx (WERX) Attracts Thousands of Investors in Presale

With new developments happening each day, the WERX token is already a favorite of thousands of crypto traders and freelancers. With the fifth stage of presale initiated, the immense popularity has caught everyone by surprise.

With solid reasons and strong tokenomics, crypto traders are expecting the token to hit $1.83 in the first quarter of next year. Available currently in the presale for $0.0225, crypto traders are expecting around 8,000% potential profits by then.

Sui (SUI) Investments Price Prediction

Sui (SUI) is one of the most hotly anticipated tokens this year. The Later-1 network already had dozens of projects ready to launch as soon as its mainnet went online. However, after the initial frenzy, many investors believe they have pulled all the profits they can from Sui (SUI).

Immediately after its launch, Sui (SUI) went as high as $2 on some exchanges locally. But now it trades at $1.17 falling almost 50% from its ATH. Even price predictions by experts show Sui (SUI) may not rise much soon, with 2023 best estimates at $1.18 (16%+) and $1.24 (22%+) for 2024.

While Sui (SUI) has a lot of potential, it is Uwerx that traders are interested in right now. The freelancing project is in its presale (limited time rate of $0.0225 and a 20% bonus) and if you want to be a part of something huge, you can become an early bird investor by joining its presale here:





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