Porter Stansberry’s New Documentary Explains How Two Men Changed the US Economy

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Two men from New York have caused seismic shifts in the American economy in recent years. Their efforts have been captured in a new documentary film by financial analyst Porter Stansberry, entitled The End of America. The documentary explores how these two men – largely unknown to most Americans – are causing a reversal of fortunes for the US economy and its citizens.

The Decoupling of Wages and Productivity

One of the main themes explored in the documentary is the decoupling of wages and productivity in the US over the past 50 years. As Ford Motors’ CEO Alan Mulally admitted before Congress in 2016, despite his company having made drastic cost-cutting measures to become more competitive, their workers weren’t seeing any real wage gains. In fact, according to Mulally’s testimony, Ford had to legislate pay raises for their employees in the form of end-of-year bonuses. This disconnect between rising productivity and stagnant wages is one of the major problems facing American workers today.

What Is Causing This Disconnect?

To better understand why wages and productivity have decoupled over the past five decades, it is necessary to look at some underlying causes for this phenomenon. While some employers may be accused of being ‘greedy’ or profiteering off their employees’ labor without offering them adequate compensation or benefits, it is essential to note that it isn’t just private companies responsible for this problem. There are also significant economic forces at work that people should notice. Chief among these forces is government deficits; since President Johnson declared an “end” to poverty in 1964 (also known as The War on Poverty), government spending has skyrocketed while revenues have remained static or declined. This disconnect has created an unsustainable economic system where debt accumulates while wages remain primarily stagnant, with little prospect for improvement upon current conditions.

Jamie Dimon Warns Of Coming Crisis

One Wall Street figure who has taken notice of this trend and voiced his concerns about it is Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co., one of the largest financial institutions in America today. In 2017 Dimon issued a statement warning about what he sees as an imminent economic crisis if urgent steps aren’t taken by both individuals and governments alike: “We’re late cycle now,” he said during an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box show last April, “and we all know when you get late cycle things could get ugly.” Such warnings from such a prominent figure within Wall Street come as no surprise considering how serious – and potentially catastrophic – this situation could become if left unchecked.

The Great Depression Revisited?

Another example cited in Porter Stansberry’s documentary shows just how far back the roots of this problem go; shortly before The Great Depression began, there was a young stockbroker called Jesse Livermore who became renowned for predicting market crashes due to his keen eye for spotting minute fluctuations within stock prices which others had failed to recognize. According to Livermore’s autobiography Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator (1923), he was able to reliably predict market movements which enabled him not only to avoid losses but also to make considerable profits during volatile times; however, due to his age, he was unable to capitalize on these predictions until after The Great Depression had begun – by then it was too late! This anecdote illustrates just how serious our current situation might become if we don’t heed warnings like those issued by Jamie Dimon and take swift action toward rectifying our economic woes before they snowball into something much worse than they already are today.

What This Means For Americans

The recession hit hard – housing was drastically affected while borrowers defaulted, leading to layoffs throughout weak job markets.

Ammonia production for fertilizer has been compromised in the food sector, limiting the global food supply.

The energy sector, as well has experienced lash back. The energy sector represents one of the biggest drivers toward economic recovery from these problems. The billionaire’s agenda is being met with rebellion as people refuse such manipulations!

An insidious cancer is slowly taking hold of the country and threatening to upend their way of life. Two influential billionaires are seemingly ‘helping,’ but in reality, they have a hidden agenda – an effort to reshape America by any means necessary having the monopoly in cash, bonds, crypto-currencies, and more investments.

While one billionaire sits among America’s most prominent investors giving him significant control over political discourse, his partner leverages power within newsrooms allowing them to shape public opinion at will. With radical beliefs that capitalism is evil coupled with plans for stakeholder capitalism where wealth must be radically redistributed, this duo may succeed in controlling media outlets and dictating how our nation looks overall.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock – the most prominent and wealthiest firm in capitalism – has laid bare some harsh realities: that freedom may not be able to work under their current system; they are manipulating shareholders with stakeholder Capitalism via ESG movements while transferring power from companies into government control. Even more shocking is an impending reset of the entire economy.

Stansberry believes it will create greater economic devastation than COVID-19, resulting in financial disfranchisement for many people worldwide. They utilize exacerbating socioeconomic inequalities by race, sexuality, and wealth to help them gain control. Socialism is on the rise, and governments increasingly intervene in financial matters. The landscape of finance has been forever altered, making Larry one of its most influential figures.

The financial and environmental systems are driving propaganda to gain control of America, leaving Americans crushed by inflation, with wages falling and middle-class citizens pushed out. Their machinations have had severe real-life consequences, including an 8% drop across all industries, plus staples goods up 16%.


Thankfully though Potter reveals how it’s still possible to protect one’s wealth during this time and potentially profit from it, there is a flaw in the plan that could lead us to greater levels of wealth than ever before — if we fight back against this manipulation! This flaw has opened doors for success through investments.

America is well-positioned to capitalize on its vast natural gas resources and invest in domestic oil & gas companies, which can both protect American assets and stimulate economic growth. Investors have already begun capitalizing on this chance to boost their portfolios.


Overall it appears that our economy is heading toward turbulent waters unless immediate corrective action is taken soon, with experts such as Jamie Dimon issuing dire warnings about what could happen if we don’t take steps now towards avoiding disaster scenarios like those experienced during The Great Depression – it’s clear that something needs to change soon if we’re going to avoid repeating history all over again!

If you want more insight into why precisely two men from New York can potentially cause such drastic changes within our economy, then be sure to watch the new documentary ‘The End Of America,’ which looks into how specific financial policies implemented by these two individuals can potentially cause disastrous consequences when left unchecked – make sure you watch it today!

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