Polygon and Cere Network To Launch DaVinci NFT Content Monetization & Fan Experience Platform

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February 11, 2022 / Berlin /  Polygon, the protocol and framework for building scalable, Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, and Cere Network, the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform, today announced the launch of their joint venture DaVinci, the world’s first direct content monetization platform for NFT-backed experiences. 

DaVinci is the all-in-one Web3 media platform, powered by Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud and Cere Freeport, the NFT mining platform deployed on Polygon. By combining these technologies, DaVinci uniquely enables personalized content streaming to NFT holders via smart contracts that power the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud. By facilitating decentralized data transfers along with (NFT) value transfers, it solves the industry-wide problem of NFT-backed assets lacking security and truly decentralized ownership. 

The DaVinci platform leverages Cere’s Freeport NFT smart contract toolset, enabling creators to mint and sell functional NFTs that provides access to exclusive content. Uniquely, each NFT created on DaVinci’s platform will remain linked to the original creator through the use of smart contracts that guarantee a share of the royalties from any sale and establish a way for the continuous delivery of exclusive new content. Artists will be able to leverage DaVinci’s user engagement, audience research and analytics tools to tailor their content to NFT holders, increasing both fan loyalty and the value of those NFTs.

“Most NFT contents is not stored securely on the blockchain,” said Fred Jin, Co-founder of Cere Network. “This is a problem, simply because your NFT can lose its content and associated value. The DaVinci platform solves this problem via Cere DDC’s secure decentralized content delivery innovations, We’re really setting a new standard here, both for the entertainment industry and consumer enterprises through a new standard for decentralizing data/content along with the Polygon team”

“What the world has seen so far in the realm and capabilities of NFTs is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder and COO of Polygon. “There is so much more that artists and fans are able to accomplish and access through DaVinci that realizes more of the potential of blockchain to the mainstream consumers. Artists and brands get more revenue from their unique content, while fans get better experiences and secure delivery of their assets. Everyone’s a winner here and we’re excited for this new standard for artist and fan engagement.”


DaVinci is the (first) Web3 Media & Experience Platform, in a joint venture between Cere Network and Polygon.

Via creator-issued subscription NFTs, fans can unlock exclusive content that co-functions as NFT collectibles. With DaVinci, the asset that is backed by the NFT is truly and uniquely owned by the fan, stored on Cere Network’s Decentralized Data Cloud.

More information about DaVinci:

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin | Discord | Facebook | TikTok


Cere Network’s Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform directly integrates with any EVM blockchain such as Ethereum and Polygon. Cere is the first Web3 project that facilitates trustless cloud data storage, integration, and data collaboration across blockchain networks, as well as Web3 NFT, metaverse, and gaming content. Cere is backed by the world’s largest institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.

More information about Cere Network:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Linkedin | Reddit | Telegram Announcement channel


Polygon, previously known as Matic Network, is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

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