PLCU price on Coinsbit surpasses 90,000 USDT

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The value of the cryptocurrency PLC Ultima, which officially began trading in December 2021, has surpassed the value of Bitcoin, reaching 90,000 USDT in just a few months. It trades on Coinsbit, HitBTC and Bibox in two pairs – PLCU/USDT and PLCU/BTC. Its infrastructure is a full ecosystem of over a dozen products, including its crowdfunding platform, marketplace, Platin Pay payment system, and other innovative products.

PLC Ultima is a universal payment tool

PLC Ultima is a coin, not a token, and its progressive infrastructure makes it possible to pay for goods and services in retail outlets globally and exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency from many countries.

Ultima coin uses minting technology, an environmentally friendly alternative to mining, so there is no expensive crypto equipment, no high electricity bills, and no special programming training needed to mint PLCU coins. All you need is a smartphone and special apps, which you can download for free from the official Google Play and App Store marketplaces.

Today, as of April 13, 2022, the rate of PLCU coin is already 92,000 USDT on the Coinsbit exchange.

Minting with PLC Ultima

To start minting in the PLCU system, you will need to install the following apps and features on your smartphone:

  • PLC Ultima Wallet, the system’s main wallet, where all the coins are stored and where they are frozen to start minting. You can also use it to make all financial transactions. It has non-standard encryption with a private key and a 6-digit pin. All data is stored exclusively on the device without using third-party servers, so if you lose the device, you automatically lose access to the wallet and coins.
  • PLC Ultima Farm is an app that allows you to mint coins. All minted coins can be spent, transferred or re-minted in the same way as usual.
  • Ultima Minter is a digital certificate without which the Farm app cannot start a holding. The certificate acts as permission to start the holding. It is a lever for controlling the number of members and coins in the network. This certificate is purchased for a fee and is available in different categories – the higher the category purchased, the more new PLCU coins you can mint. To expand the size of your farm, you can also purchase multiple Minter certificates.

After installing these applications and purchasing a certificate, the user enters into a smart contract with PLC Ultima. In it, the user chooses how many coins they want to freeze and for how long (from one to three years). After that period, the user gets their frozen coins back together with their reward.

PLCU security guarantees

The PLC coin blockchain is based on one of the most stable Litecoin blockchains using the Segregated Witness protocol and the CryptoNight encryption protocol.

To maintain the liquidity of the coins and contribute to the sustainable growth of the price of PLCU, the company burns 1% of its coins with every transaction. Also, it destroys 100% of its coins to avoid competing with regular users. As a result, a maximum of 50% of coins get frozen each year, while another 30% get stored in the users’ wallets. As a result, to maintain demand in the market, the production rate of coins is gradually decreasing, as is its volume.

PLC Ultima is fully compliant with all international KYC requirements and the laws of the countries in which it operates.

PLC Ultima products

The ecosystem has multiple products to offer its users, including:

  • Global marketplace PlatinDeal, where you can buy anything from clothes to cars for any of 17 popular cryptocurrencies;
  • Crowdfunding platform Platin Hero, where you do not need to spend your own money to support a project and become an investor, as PLCU coins also get frozen there. Moreover, the investor receives a 10% reward at the end of the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Platin Pay and debit cards. You can use PLCU and a number of other coins to pay in many offline and online shops, make transfers, etc.

The PLC Ultima ecosystem is updated regularly with new products, and the cryptocurrency itself is gradually spreading to other regions.

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