P2E Gaming Tokens Compared: Rate That Crypto vs Axie Infinity

With the rise of the metaverse in late 2021, many projects found digital universes to be a perfect way to start developing online games. Also, this allowed them to revolutionize the entire gaming industry by implementing a single mechanism, which is P2E.

P2E stands for Play to Earn. This model was only made possible in the recently developed game based on blockchain technology, allowing users to play the game and receive rewards.

So far, players have only known the requirement to pay to play. Never before were users paid to play games, so this model drove masses of people toward the new projects.

Gaming platforms like Rate That Crypto ($RTC) and Axie Infinity ($AXS) offer an extraordinary gaming experience for their users, with them tokenizing their adventures. 

Although Axie Infinity is already established, many crypto users who would love the idea of playing, learning and earning prefer the Rate That Crypto platform for various reasons.

Today, we want to look into these two projects that offer P2E functionality and recommend one that might be a good place to start for anyone who wishes to switch to blockchain gaming and try earning as they spend their free time engaging in gaming.

Axie Infinity ($AXS)

Axie Infinity allows players to control and run a portion of the game. By playing, they can earn AXS tokens, which they may use to influence the game’s destiny.

During gameplay, users will amass creatures and pit them against each other in warfare. They are rewarded with crypto tokens when they fight monsters and complete tasks. Their Axie NFTs will be their properties, and they can be able to sell them for a profit.

Axie Infinity uses Ronin, a sidechain that helps reduce transaction costs and latency, to operate on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, its in-game economy uses Ethereum-based cryptos. 

Axies may also be bred, allowing you to create potentially more powerful teams while generating more NFTs to sell on the market.

Recently, Axie Infinity lost $620 million in cryptocurrencies following the hack of its Ronin network by a team of malicious attackers.

However, the Ronin hack is one side of an unsustainable crypto model. The first issue is its in-game tokens. 

Axies can be created using $SLP tokens, which don’t have a limit on how many can be produced. Essentially, Axies are bred to create more $SLPs, which makes inflation a key part of its mechanics.

Also, the platform dropped the amount needed to breed Axies to two tokens to attract more players. The downside is that new players produce more NFTs and SLPs, leading to digital hyperinflation.

Rate That Crypto ($RTC)

Rate That Crypto ecosystem involves giving users tokens in return for learning and playing. Players use points to place a basic prediction, bullish or bearish, against their favourite crypto projects using live price data over a specified time window.

Users’ points are multiplied if their predictions are correct. But they will lose their staked points if their predictions are incorrect.

The points multiplier is based on the selected timeframe, and players compete to climb the leaderboard throughout the monthly season. The top 100 players on the leaderboard earn a percentage of the prize pool – which could earn them thousands of dollars each month.

The prize pool is generated from multiple sources, including $RTC token allocation, tax accumulated from the buy and sell taxes of the $RTC token, advertisement revenue, etc. 

Playing on the Rate That Crypto platform is completely free. You do not need to spend money or mine crypto to acquire the points, but you have to give something in return – only your time or attention.

Rate That Crypto also offers its users a fun way to discover the fascinating universe of the blockchain. It is an easy, fun, and risk-free way to acquire free crypto assets. Learn what makes this project stand out and the crypto market and receive free tokens and NFTs as a reward.

Also, Rate That Crypto plans to have a built-in non-custodial wallet, which will onboard the mainstream into Web3 seamlessly, so they become familiar with setting up a wallet and safeguarding their crypto.

The next best P2E Tokens to buy right now is Rate That Crypto. Partly because of its unique use cases and the incoming presale stage of its native token, $RTC. Presales prices are typically much lower than the final list price; they provide greater opportunities for greater gains. 

The team is presently running the token’s presale, allowing investors to get $RTC tokens for less money. Investing in the token now gives you a fair advantage to make a profit when it launches. To stay up to date with all things Rate That Crypto check out the RTC Discord Server and join the telegram group.

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