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NFT: A market on the rise


It can be hard to comprehend how fast things can suddenly emerge and change our perspectives on the future. NFTs has indeed marked a new chapter in the history of both art and technology, and it seems like it is here to stay. Whether you like it or not, the art scene as we know it has in some ways been threatened by this emerging digital art and the enormous amount of money it is worth. The vastly growing billion-dollar market is proof that a lot of people prefer to invest in digital art as opposed to regular art.  

What is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. Meaning that it is an asset that cannot be traded to anything similar. It is a unique creation. NFTs is a relative to the cryptocurrencies and is a strictly digital asset that works through blockchain technology as well as every cryptocurrency. However, NFTs are art pieces that you can possess, but never physically, only digitally. If you need a thorough explanation on NFTs, you can visit

NFT: A market on the rise 1

How to invest or buy NFT? 

As it is turning out to become a big part of the field of investment, it might be wise to figure out how to buy NFTs. It can be confusing and complex, so you will need a great guide. First, you should do your own research to get a wider knowledge on the topic. However, if you use a site like you will be taught whatever there is to learn, before taking the next step. Which you will also be able to through this website. It is important to be able to trust the information you are given. And on a site like this, you will be in good hands whether you want to buy or invest.  

The rise of NFT

The first piece of NFT art was sold for 69 million dollars to Vignesh Sundaresan. A dizzying amount of money making it one of the most expensive works by living artists. This was the first world famous trade of digital art, NFTs, that took the world by storm as it will probably disrupt the art world.  

This art piece titled Everyday: The First 5000 days was created by the artist Beeple with the civil name Mike Winkelmann. Everyday consists of around 5000 small images all coming together in one huge colorful collage. The art piece is both photos and videos and its dimensions are 21,069 x 21,069 pixels.  More and more are experimenting with this digital art form creating an even bigger market. And famous artists like Grimes are entering the field of digital art.

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