New AI Crypto, Bitbot, Reels in Investors as Market Boasts Solid CAGR

It’s no secret that, as one of the fastest-growing crypto sectors, AI-based crypto projects have been on a rampage. A new entrant to this arena, Bitbot, promises to provide advanced, AI-powered trading insights to upend the Telegram bot market—another sector that’s been a hotbed of growth in recent months.

With $3.1m raised in its ongoing presale, Bitbot is looking like it’s on track to be one of 2024’s hottest crypto tokens. But why exactly are investors so excited about Bitbot? Let’s find out.

AI crypto market shows no signs of slowing

With crypto prices rocketing in 2024, it’s hardly surprising that AI cryptos have been among the most explosive. The surge in investment can be traced back to the global fascination with AI and its potential, sparked by the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022. 

Now, according to Spherical Insights, the blockchain AI market is poised to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.06% through the end of this decade. Currently, AI cryptos hold a market cap of approximately $20 billion, with about $1.25 billion in daily trading volume.

In this booming sector, AI trading bots represent a fascinating niche. Valuates reports a projected CAGR of 37.2% for the AI crypto trading bot market by 2029. 

Amidst this hype, Bitbot’s $3.1m, from tens of thousands of investors since its presale launch earlier this year, is forming part of this narrative. 

Where Bitbot fits into all this

Bitbot belongs to the vibrant Telegram bot scene, using AI to offer exclusive, actionable insights to traders. In a nutshell, these bots simplify access to sophisticated automated trading strategies and decentralized exchanges directly via the Telegram app interface. 

Since 2024’s start, the Telegram trading bot market has been one of the fastest-growing crypto sectors, with volumes skyrocketing from around $6 billion to over $20 billion—accrued from roughly 1.5 million traders—at the time of writing. Their popularity among Telegram’s 900+ million user base is only expected to grow, and Bitbot’s proprietary AI could see it dominate the competition this year. 

Bitbot’s next-gen AI-powered trading is exciting investors

Bitbot is designed to give retail traders a leg up in a crypto market dominated by institutional players. Central to Bitbot is its flagship Gem Scanner, an advanced AI tool that pulls data from sources like Dexscreener, Birdeye, and various social media feeds to spot the fastest-growing crypto tokens. It then assigns a score based on real-time on-chain activity and overall market sentiment, offering traders some of the most advanced insights out there.

However, AI-backed insights are just one upgrade Bitbot is offering over the competition. Unlike rivals, such as Maestro, Unibot, Banana Gun, and, recently, Solareum, which have faced challenges related to the custody of user keys and funds, Bitbot adopts a non-custodial approach. 

Thanks to its partnership with KnightSafe, a decentralized open-source self-custody solution securing assets worth over $28 million, Bitbot’s users keep full control of their private keys and assets. This means that users’ funds will transfer only once trades are executed. Coupled with anti-MEV and anti-rug technologies, Bitbot isn’t just the smartest Telegram trading solution—it’s the most secure, too.

Additional features like copy trading, a revenue-sharing program for BITBOT holders that offers a portion of up to 50% of the bot’s revenues, and a referral scheme with a 15% kickback on referred users’ trades only add to Bitbot’s offer. These perks, Bitbot’s advanced security, and powerful AI now make trading crypto more inviting and anxiety-free than ever. No doubt ready to tempt thousands of new users into a market that had previously made them feel uncomfortable.

Bitbot’s presale success signals extraordinary potential

Currently priced at $0.018 in stage 13 of its 15-stage presale, BITBOT has 11.11% to go before it hits its final price target of $0.02. The enthusiasm from investors is overwhelming, with over 80,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 30,000 on Telegram buzzing about every update. Ongoing product demos and AMAs have similarly dialed bullishness around this new AI crypto to the max.

When considering Bitbot’s potential, a look at Banana Gun offers a telling comparison. Banana Gun delivered near 80x returns to its presale investors after an all-time high in April. While it’s since retraced amid a broader market pullback, it highlights the explosive potential Bitbot holds. 

With the AI crypto sector booming and Telegram trading bots in high demand, Bitbot is well-positioned to outshine its rivals and could emerge as one of the fastest-growing cryptos in 2024.

Be quick: Bitbot’s presale is closing soon

With the presale reaching its final few stages, all eyes are now on the exchange listings that will follow and Bitbot’s app debut in the coming months. However, that means the window to be an early investor is rapidly closing. 

Bitbot’s launch could captivate many of the approximately 60,000 daily Telegram trading bot users, potentially sending demand for its BITBOT token into the stratosphere. Echoing the success story of Banana Gun, early backers stand to gain the most—don’t let the opportunity for 100x gains slip away.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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