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NFTs may have a better future following latest Jellysmack announcements

TL;DR Breakdown

• Jellysmack tries to join the NFT market.
• Nathan Guetta will be the new vice president of Jellysmack and has fresh ideas.

Global creation company Jellysmack announced that Nathan Guetta would join its team as vice president of cryptocurrencies. Guetta joins a steadily growing business from Conde Nast Entertainment, where he was a former executive for at least five years. This entrepreneur also created “Canada Computational Unlimited,” a farm dedicated to mining Bitcoin but with renewable energy.

Following the announcement, Jellysmack shows its entry into the rapidly expanding world of blockchain. The company has been checking the status of cryptocurrencies, particularly with the recent NFT frenzy in the market. Jellysmack plans to offer various products for the creators of its software.

Guetta will create a strategy for the company to add NFTs and other blockchains to its system. With this participation, the Jellysmack company expands its operations, and non-fungible tokens would gain more popularity.

Guetta promotes the use of NFT

Jellysmack’s new VP, Nathan Guetta, believes there are many opportunities with non-fungible tokens. However, Guetta knows this innovation brings many risks, and he plans to run through them without problems.

Guetta suggests this is the perfect time to link NFTs with blockchain technology at the height of its popularity. Investors will be eager to participate in the decentralized economy under Jellysmack, as it is considered a reputable company.

This announcement comes as non-fungible tokens are gaining a significant market share, becoming a trusted part of the crypto sphere. The first quarter of non-fungible tokens in 2021 has been fantastic because the market is valued at almost $2 billion. By the first quarter of 2020, these decentralized currencies were capitalized at 250 billion dollars.

Many artists and athletes have well received non-fungible tokens due to their steady growth. Jellysmack believes that the developers are next on the list for sporadic profits.

Jellysmack’s non-fungible token program

The Jellysmack program will include over 200 YouTubers who are influential worldwide. Favorite video creators for the company include Brad Mondo, Bailey Sarian, Derek Deso, MrBeast, and PewDiePie. With Jellysmack, creators will optimize their profit and echo on other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.

The Jellysmack Company was founded in 2016 by Michael Philippe, Swann Maizil, and Robin Sabban. This company has tried to link the most significant number of video creators with new technologies.

As the world is partnering with NFTs, Jellysmack wants to make the most of it and therefore push for new heights. The strategy of the company is exciting, and it is headed for rapid success.

Jellysmack is used by 45% of American citizens and dedicated to creating content for social networks. With this new project, the company may expand and attract more YouTubers to its work team.

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