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The market is built on a mutually beneficial basis. This principle allows the parties entering into economic relations to increase their capital expressed in various forms. This rule is also functioning in the financial markets. An example of this is the phenomenon of Social Trading or Copy Trade. Thanks to it, investors without deep financial knowledge get the opportunity to profit from trading. And experienced professional traders receive commissions for allowing beginners to use their strategies when trading.

The Importance of Financial Knowledge for Successful Trade

There are many trading strategies that work effectively in certain circumstances. For successful trading, it is important for a trader to know not only their principles but also situations in which they are not recommended. Moreover, before relying on a particular strategy, it is advised to conduct backtesting to get a realistic idea of its effectiveness.

To do such a huge amount of work, a trader needs to invest a lot of time and effort into training. Such a situation could deprive beginners of profitable trading. The number of mistakes made due to inexperience can lead to significant losses of assets. However, thanks to the mechanism of copy trading, learning effective strategies has become much easier.

The Best Way to Study Profitable Trading Strategies

The essence of copy trading is quite simple:

  • You copy the strategies of experienced traders who are ready to share their knowledge. As a result, you make a profit and, at the same time, learn effective strategies.
  • In return, you pay commissions for the conducted transactions.
  • Subsequently, when you become an experienced trader, you will also be able to offer your services to beginners and receive commissions in return.

Best Platform with Copy Trading Services

Not every platform allows copy trading. Therefore, when choosing an application, pay attention to whether it has such a function. MetaTrader 5 provides traders with many useful tools and high-quality analytics for successful trading. To start copy trading, you need to:

  • download the MT5 app.
  • create the account on the MetaTrader 5 platform and make your first deposit.
  • select a trader who is ready to share strategies.
  • enable the automatic copying of these strategies.
  • receive your profit minus commissions.

What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of This Method of Learning Trading?

Advantages include the following sides:

  • The opportunity to learn more deeply about the principles of the market, not before the start of investing but simultaneously with it
  • Copy trading insures against losses at the initial stages of comprehending the laws of the financial market.
  • Availability of the option to switch to copy the strategies of other traders. If copying the initially chosen trader does not bring profit, you always can choose another one.
  • If the investor does not seek active investment strategies, this is a great opportunity to make passive income.

Among the disadvantages of this method of learning trading strategies are the following:

  • Inability to insure against financial losses if the strategy of the selected trader shows a negative result.
  • The need to pay commissions that could be your profit if you were trading yourself.
  • Your application must be connected to the network if you choose automatic copying.

Copy trading is a great opportunity to learn new strategies in 2022. Try to follow it even with a small amount of your assets. By seeing the advantages and disadvantages of this method, you will be able to understand whether it suits you. The more actively you delve into the details of the copied strategies, compare, and analyze them, the more tangible your progress will be. When you feel complete confidence in your abilities, you can continue trading on your own.

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