Justin Sun Eyes Memecoin Market with Potential Coconut Chicken Coin on TRON


  • Justin Sun, founder of TRON, is considering launching a new memecoin named Coconut Chicken Coin (CCC) on the TRON blockchain, with a community poll indicating strong support.
  • The move aims to boost TRON’s presence in the memecoin market, currently dominated by networks like Ethereum and Solana, capitalizing on the growing popularity of memecoins.

In an intriguing development in the cryptocurrency world, Justin Sun, the innovative founder of the TRON blockchain, is contemplating a foray into the meme-coin market.

His proposed new digital currency, dubbed Coconut Chicken Coin (CCC), could soon become the latest addition to the TRON ecosystem. The move comes as memecoins continue to capture the imagination and interest of the crypto community worldwide.

Engaging the community in a new venture

Sun, known for his active engagement with the crypto community, recently turned to social media to gauge interest in the potential launch of CCC. He conducted a poll among his millions of followers, asking whether the TRON blockchain should host the new memecoin. With the poll still ongoing and two days left for voting, early indications suggest a positive response from the community, with many showing enthusiasm for the new token.

The community-driven approach not only reflects Sun’s commitment to involving TRON’s user base in key decisions but also highlights the growing trend of community participation in shaping the trajectory of blockchain projects.

TRON’s position in the Memecoin market

While TRON has been a significant player in the blockchain space, it has, until now, lagged behind networks like Ethereum and Solana in the memecoin sector. Ethereum and Solana have gained considerable attention for their memecoin ecosystems, with tokens like BONK and WIF leading the charge in recent altcoin rallies. These meme-coins have not only gained popularity but also demonstrated substantial market gains, drawing more investors and users to their respective platforms.

The introduction of the Coconut Chicken Coin could be a strategic move by Sun to propel TRON into the lively and increasingly lucrative segment of the cryptocurrency market. By launching CCC, TRON could tap into the growing interest in memecoins and potentially increase its visibility and usability compared to its competitors.

Capitalizing on the Memecoin craze

Justin Sun’s interest in launching CCC on the TRON blockchain appears to be a calculated step to leverage the ongoing fascination with memecoins. The cryptocurrency market has seen a resurgence, with memecoins playing a significant role in the revival. By introducing a new, potentially popular memecoin, Sun aims to not only enrich the TRON ecosystem but also position it as a more attractive option for both new and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

The launch of Coconut Chicken Coin could also signify a broader strategy by TRON to diversify its offerings and appeal to a wider audience. As the crypto market evolves, embracing trends like memecoins could be crucial for blockchain platforms looking to maintain relevance and attract investment.


Justin Sun’s consideration to launch Coconut Chicken Coin on the TRON blockchain marks an exciting development in the crypto world. If realized, CCC could significantly impact TRON’s position in the competitive blockchain landscape, especially in the memecoin market. As the poll results continue to favor the launch, the crypto community eagerly awaits the final decision and the potential ripple effects it could have on the broader market. With 2024 on the horizon, TRON’s venture into meme coins could be a game-changer, signaling a new era of growth and innovation for the platform.

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