Is Bitbot the Next Big Thing? Excitement Builds as January Presale Starts off Strong

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It’s well known that getting in early on crypto presales can produce extraordinary results. One new presale making a name for itself is Bitbot, the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot. Its ICO kicked off on the 17th of January, and it’s already raised $283k and amassed over 85,000 followers on X—a highly bullish vote of confidence from investors.

Set to offer 300 million tokens during the 15-stage presale and starting at a bargain price of $0.0100, Bitbot is poised to seriously disrupt the Telegram trading bot market with a security-first approach. It looks like it has the potential to produce 50x-100x returns in 2024. Read on to discover what Bitbot is and why it could dominate this year.

Telegram trading bots: A primer

The world of automated trading is famous for its complexity. Complicated interfaces and confusing AI can make the newbie trader uneasy. This is where Telegram trading bots shine – designed to offer a streamlined, user-friendly interface right within the highly familiar Telegram app. 

A crypto trading bot is a smart computer program that automatically makes cryptocurrency trades based on set strategies. These bots can analyze market trends and execute buy or sell orders based on predetermined strategies, all without human involvement. The main aim is to offer quality trading strategies, manage risks, and take advantage of timely market opportunities, all while saving the user time.

These bots are a booming sector in crypto, having clocked over $5 billion in lifetime trading volume from hundreds of thousands of traders at the time of writing, with the current Telegram trading market worth around $0.4 billion. It’s quite something for a sector that’s barely been born with just a few major players in it. Specifically the likes of Maestro, Unibot, and Banana Gun. 

These titans have faced their share of controversy, though. From Maestro and Unibot users suffering a collective loss of roughly $1 million to Banana Gun having its token freefall 99% due to an alleged rug pull within hours of launching, Telegram trading bots aren’t exactly being praised for their security.

With crypto investors increasingly threatened by cyber-attacks, the demand for a secure trading bot is more pressing than ever. Bitbot is the latest entrant, positioned as the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot. This innovative setup means that users can retain full custody of their assets via their cold wallets until trades are settled. Given Telegram’s audience is 800 million strong, there’s no doubt a strong market out there for a bot that can take good care of your coins.

Bitbot: The world’s most secure Telegram trading bot

Bitbot features advanced tools that offer unparalleled insights into the next up-and-coming tokens alongside its advanced security features. It’s crafted by a team of former Wall Street traders, equipping crypto traders with everything they need to compete with institutional powerhouses. 

Bitbot seamlessly integrates with the Telegram app, allowing users to set up, manage, and monitor trades with just one tap and easily access decentralized exchanges on mobile. Users can get started instantly, creating up to three wallets at the click of a button.

Unlike its competitors, Bitbot ensures that users enjoy full sovereignty over their assets. Previously, a lack of sovereignty meant that users’ assets were stored with the platform and left vulnerable to attack, as was the case with the aforementioned cyber attacks on big industry players. In partnership with Knightsafe, an open-source, transparent, and decentralized self-custody service, Bitbot leverages advanced custody technology. It ensures that no single party has complete control over a user’s assets, massively boosting security. 

Advanced anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions are similarly engineered to provide users with complete peace of mind. Anti-MEV wards off malicious bots aiming to manipulate transaction costs, while anti-rug measures scan for suspect activity, protecting users from potential scam projects. 

Bitbot’s outstanding features for traders

Bitbot’s trading features are equally impressive. Initially launching on Ethereum and Solana, Bitbot promises maximum flexibility for traders. Bitbot users can set up, manage, and monitor trades, accessing decentralized exchanges effortlessly on mobile.

One of its key attractions is the members-only Alpha List. This exclusive chat, powered by AI analytics, offers a real-time token list with sniping options, allowing users to get in low-cap tokens likely to pump. Bitbot also offers a snipe trading feature, using AI to automatically buy at the bottom and sell at the top for maximum gains.

Similarly, Bitbot’s Gem Scanner leverages AI analytics to sift through hundreds of active presales, pinpointing the most promising investment opportunities. And for those new to trading or short on time, the copy trading feature allows users to mirror the strategies of top traders in the Bitbot community.

Besides trading opportunities, BITBOT token holders can access a lucrative slice of the platform’s daily revenues and a revenue sharing scheme – Bitbot users’ success can be your success. 

In the presale, 30% of Bitbot’s 1 billion token supply will be up for grabs. An additional 20% of tokens are set aside to support Bitbot’s development; 10% are allocated to treasury; 3% are allocated for liquidity; 23% are allocated for community; and 14% are allocated for marketing to ensure maximum visibility. Tokens used for development are protected by a 6-month cliff and 12-month linear emission schedule, minimizing the risk of a rug pull.

The Bitbot presale has started off strong

With recent Bitcoin ETF approvals and the scheduled Bitcoin halving in April seen as key catalysts for a bull run this year, Telegram trading bots are set to explode in popularity. Bitbot has timed its presale to capitalize on this growth with its focus on security and advanced trading technology. It’s already pulled in $283k within 5 days of the presale’s launch on the 17th of January, currently priced at $0.0105 per token.

As noted by CoinDesk in 2023, early Unibot investors saw approximately 200x returns when its token hit $200. Similarly, Banana Gun recorded near 400x gains from presale to all time high  in Q3 2023. Given these phenomenal results, the projected bull run, and the potential of Bitbot to dominate this space in 2024, BITBOT gaining 50-100x is a conservative estimate.

Could Bitbot be 2024’s next crypto sensation?

So is Bitbot the next big thing in the world of Telegram trading bots? It certainly seems so. Bitbot’s focus on institutional-grade security is a huge draw, while its automated trading based on AI analytics could prove highly profitable in itself.


Even with their flaws, Unibot and Banana Gun still boast market caps of around $90 million and $30 million, respectively. According to DLNews, Unibot recently broke its previous record of 2189 daily active users, recording over 4,000 users in the last 24 hours and demonstrating the growing popularity of Telegram trading bots. If Bitbot can steal a chunk of this market share with its superior setup, the BITBOT token could explode.  


For now, though, it’s early days. The presale is just getting underway, with tokens on offer at the rock-bottom price of $0.0105. Thousands of members have already joined Bitbot’s Telegram channel, gearing up for a trading revolution and ready to support the project on its journey. Don’t miss out—take action today.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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