Introduction to the world of Bitcoin


What exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that was introduced into the digital world in 2009. In easy words, it is composed of a computer-generated file that has to be stored in a separated wallet known as the digital wallet. All of these processes are confined to technological devices namely your smartphone and laptops where users of this cryptocurrency can send bitcoins directly to their digital wallet or can send these bitcoins to other users. What makes Bitcoin unique is that, unlike other currencies, it is not centralized. Instead, it is based on the technology of a blockchain network and to understand bitcoin one must first understand the foundation that is built upon. 

How does the Blockchain Network work?

A blockchain network is a record, or rather a ledger that records all the information, activities and transactions in blocks that cannot be subject to any changes or editing. There is no one individual owner who is in control of keeping a record of the transactions. Instead, it consists of a chain of saved data regarding the transactions made by the public that is available to anyone in a downloadable form and is updated as the chain becomes enhanced. 

The main aim of Blockchain revolves around strengthening the security guards of cryptocurrencies. However, it is not only widely used for this sole purpose. 

Other uses of Blockchain include:

  • Financial sectors 
  • Trading purposes in the Energy sector 
  • Smart contracts
  • Video Gaming zones
  • Supply chain

Why use Bitcoin?

The best part of using this cryptocurrency is that the sole control of it does not lie in the higher powers. Since Bitcoin has the benefit of being decentralized, this means that none of the control regarding any of your transactions is in the hands of the government or any organization. This comes out as a blessing for those people who are unsure about the influence of the government on the use of their money. So most of the time, people are alleviated from the worries that their finances are being controlled or rather manipulated by the respective banks handling their money. This is all possible because cryptocurrencies eliminate the role of a bank when it comes to making money transactions. 

Also, there is no need for you to connect to a bank to get these bitcoins, unlike the other currency we normally use. Instead, bitcoins are sent and received through various algorithms that help to keep track of the transaction being made and save the data into blocks which are then added to the blockchain. These bitcoins can also be bought with the national currency and can then be directed into a bitcoin wallet, which can be easily done by using a computer or tab.   

Bitcoins especially prove to be very helpful when you prefer your transactions to remain discreet. So with bitcoins, it is quite difficult to trace the identity of the person who made the transaction. However, it cannot be said that the identity will remain completely anonymous. 

Apart from giving you the advantage of keeping your identity on the low, bitcoins also save you from a lot of paperwork, signatures, and approval from an external organization or a third-party source. 

This means that no matter who you want to send or receive your money from, you can do so without involving another person, figure, or agency.You can get more details and information about this field by visiting immediate edge.

What is the major drawback?

Although bitcoin is a blessing in many ways, however because of its newness in the market it is still in the process of getting properly evolved. It is a new addition to the technological ways and is yet making its place in the business sector of the world. Owing to the complication that arises during its use, many people find it difficult to get accustomed to its use and technicalities.  

What is the future of Bitcoin?

Although bitcoins are still making their place on a more stable platform, once it achieves that stability the future of this cryptocurrency seems more promising than ever. Sooner or later, bitcoins have the potential of replacing cash and the other modes of payment using cash and cards. Apart from bitcoin, blockchain technology is also yet another milestone being achieved that connects the digital and physical sectors of the world to create new and innovative opportunities for many business activities.

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