In a Ruthless Advance, Investors Await Memeinator’s Inevitable Clash With the Shiba Inu Price in 2024

The battle to become the next big crypto is set to intensify in 2024, with new meme coin Memeinator being noticed and mentioned online a lot. Memeinator intends to go head to head with established meme coins, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, and hopes to eclipse the Shiba Inu price next year.

Memeinator already stands apart from the hundreds of low-value Dogecoin and Shiba Inu rip-offs that are saturating the cluttering marketplace with nothing more than an ‘amusing’ mascot to distinguish itself with. As the Shiba Inu price moves upward after months of stability, Memeinator is setting its trajectory to become the next coin to hit the billion-dollar market cap valuation. Indeed, it is considered a coin with serious potential, according to CoinJournal

With these two coins set to go head to head in the coming months, experts are already asking which will go higher, Memeinator or the Shiba Inu price. Let’s find out.

What is Memeinator?

Most meme coins are launched more in the hope of 100x viral returns, rather than the expectation. Memeinator is different. While it makes no secret of its ambition to hit a $1 billion market cap, which would produce 100x returns for Stage 1 ICO investors, Memeinator’s greatest value proposition is the level of innovation, value, and long-term growth potential. This long-term potential is also provided alongside the potential for short-term price pumps.

Taking its branding inspiration from the Terminator movie franchise, Memeinator is a rebel with a cause, with its main aim being to eliminate weak meme coins from the market as it seeks to achieve its $1 billion market cap goal. Already a highly-anticipated crypto launch in 2023, Memeinator is living up to its early promise by raising $1.4m in just 8 weeks of its 29-phase presale event.

The heart of Memeinator’s value proposition is the AI-driven Memescanner tool that scans the internet for meme coins with little value. Once found, the Memescanner converts these coins into character form and dynamically feeds them into the crypto gaming experience Meme Warfare, in which players can embody the Memeinator to seek and destroy these characters and consign them to the crypto dustbin where they belong.

With plans for an exciting limited-edition NFT collection and a token staking protocol in the pipeline, the future looks exceedingly bright for Memeinator.

Memeinator price prediction: Will it eclipse $0.50?

The 29-stage MMTR token presale has gotten off to a roaring start. In a nod to The Terminator, Memeinator announced its presale on Judgment Day, 29th August, kicking off a 29-day countdown to launch on 27th September.

The token initially launched at just $0.01 per token and will progressively rise through each of the 29 ICO stages by around 6% to an eventual $0.049. This equals superb gains of 390% for earliest-stage investors, making it one of the most profitable ICOs on the market.

As if that isn’t incentive enough to get involved with the project during its ICO, Memeinator is offering several exciting giveaways throughout the presale. The first prize is an unmissable opportunity for one lucky presale investor to head into outer space on a voyage with Virgin Galactic worth $250,000. This isn’t just a project aiming for the moon; it’s sending one of its burgeoning investors into orbit!

All eyes among crypto experts are already eyeing potential price action once MMTR hits public exchanges. Analysts believe that the 1 billion fixed token supply and extreme levels of utility for a meme coin will send the value of MMTR parabolic over the next year. Indeed, predictions are that MMTR will eclipse the $0.50 barrier before 2025, sending it soaring beyond the Shiba Inu price value and halfway to its goal of achieving a $1 billion market cap.

With an expected bull market to follow in 2025 after the next Bitcoin (BTC) halving event, due next year, forecasts are that Memeinator could achieve a billion-dollar valuation during the bull run, driving home 100x returns for the earliest-stage ICO investors.

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu launched in 2020 as another light-hearted meme coin featuring the Shiba Inu mascot. It has remained second only to Dogecoin in the meme coin marketplace ever since. Created by an anonymous developer known only as Ryoshi, it became a household name when an incredible 108,328,000% increase in the Shiba Inu price saw it grow from $0.00000000008165 in September 2020 to its all-time high of $0.00008845 just over a year later, in October 2021.

Recognizing the need to diversify its ecosystem, Shiba Inu has evolved from being nothing more than a meme coin to providing a wide-ranging platform that offers its users new tokens, P2E gaming opportunities, NFTs, a metaverse virtual world, a decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap, and more recently, a layer-2 blockchain solution called Shibarium.

Backed by a hugely loyal and dedicated community known as the ShibArmy, Shiba Inu’s diversification has played a massive role in it retaining its strong showing in lists of top cryptocurrencies by market cap throughout the crypto winter of 2022.

Shiba Inu price prediction

Despite the broad expanse of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, forecasts for the Shiba Inu price remain moderate, even with an expected bull market looming just over the horizon. The recent launch of Shibarium hurt the platform, which, according to Crypto News, “ground to a halt within hours of going live, with a significant amount of funds stranded due to a malfunctioning bridge.” This caused double-digit drops in the price of the token.

With the SHIB token currently trading at around $0.000008912, experts are forecasting some increases in the Shiba Inu price, with SHIB likely to face resistance at the $0.000012 to $0.000015 mark.

Certain factors limit Shiba Inu’s price potential, including its existing $4 billion-plus market cap, which could be throttled because of factors like Shiba Inu’s limited utility and ultra-low price point. Additionally, its movement into many markets already well-served by existing, single-focus platforms could hinder SHIB’s future performance.

Memeinator vs. Shiba Inu: Which is the best meme coin to buy in 2024?

There’s no question that Memeinator is gunning for all meme coins in the single-minded pursuit of its billion-dollar market cap and that Shiba Inu is also likely to be firmly in its sights. With Shiba Inu’s broad appeal likely to hit resistance across all the market sectors it’s touching, such as the layer-2 blockchain provision, Memeinator’s high-utility, and a more targeted focus is set to help it eclipse the Shiba Inu price within the next year.

With this compelling narrative attracting investors of all kinds to the early stages of the MMTR token presale, time is running out for interested parties to maximize the opportunity for presale gains. Coins are still significantly undervalued, priced at just $0.0133 in stage 6 of the MMTR presale. With forecasts of price pumps that look set to take its value well beyond Shiba Inu’s in the coming weeks, now is the time for investors to jump on the Memeinator bandwagon with 268.42% gains on offer for those who invest today.

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

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